Why you should consider black and white wall art for your home

I have to confess that I am a huge fan of capturing the world in black and white, and I always have been. Even in the days before digital photography, I would often buy black and white wall art film rather than colour.

So, it should come as no surprise that we have a great range of black and white wall art in our collection for you to buy.

In this blog we’ll look at what makes black and white such a great wall art choice and why you should consider it for your home.

Black and white images rely on a number of factors to make an image work:

  • lighting – making sure the image is properly lit helps with the definition of the subject
  • shadow, in the same way, having well defined shadow adds real depth
  • contrast – the interplay between the two helps define the image and give it real punch

If you think about the master photographers of film, they understood this too – just check out the work of Ansel Adams or Robert Mapplethorpe and you’ll see what I mean.

In our collection, the prints we offer take all of those aspects to the heart of what we sell, to give you brilliant black and white wall art choices.

Let’s take a few examples of how black and white wall art can be so effective in your home.

Our black and white wall art print Into the Mist, was taken in August believe it or not, on the coastal road between Bridport and Weymouth in Dorset. To the right hand side out of shot, is the sea, and that afternoon, a sea mist started to blow in, creating the scene you have here. With the black tarmac and the white road line leading the eye into the distance, this is what makes this black and white print so effective. A colour alternative would look washed out in comparison. It’s the sort of print that demands to be printed to a decent size and hung in a prominent position – we offer this as a canvas print too.

into the mist - black and white canvasInto The Mist – black and white canvas

Black and white landscape photography is an underrated art form, and yet it is so incredibly powerful in showing us the world we live in.

Mini Dunes - a black and white landscape print taken at West Wittering Beach in Sussex in 2020Mini Dunes – a black and white landscape print

Mini Dunes black and white wall art print in living room

In our black and white print Mini Dunes, we’ve used the power of light and shadow I mentioned earlier. This print is from an image taken at West Wittering in Sussex, and the sand there is a mix of what you’d think of as a normal colour and this incredibly dark, almost volcanic-looking sand, so when they mix, you get an almost lunar landscape. So, throw in some windswept sand, some interesting cloud caught in a long exposure for some movement, and the gnarly sea grass, and you have a terrific black and white wall art print! Imagine this print as a statement piece in your living room or in your office to remind you of those times at the sea.

Black and white are also great for defining lines and shapes, so as an example, here’s a print from Hong Kong.

black and white wall art print

Our black and white print called Conditioning I was taken in Hong Kong in April 2019. It captures the chaos of some these older apartments in Hong Kong where you have a building covered in air conditioning units on the outside of the building. So, thinking about the lines, shapes, shadow and contrast, this works well in black and white. It’s an interesting expression of urban, condensed living. If you’re missing travel to faraway places, this could be a great print for you.

Conditioning I - black and white wall art in situConditioning I – black and white wall art in situ,

think about how black and white can improve your living space. It’s colour neutral, can be an incredibly powerful statement piece, and works for almost any space.

And don’t forget, we offer canvas wall art too, like our new wonderful square canvas print Ammonite, another black and white classic. We have the 60 x 60cm canvas of this in the studio right now!

Ammonite - black and white canvas wall artAmmonite – black and white square canvas wall art

To see the complete collection of our black and white wall art printsclick here.

If we can help you in any way with your wall art choices, get in touch, either at [email protected] or at 01962 869739.

Thanks for reading and stay safe.