White Is an Unexpectedly Useful Color 

White and wood living space

In discussions of wall paint colors, whites are often overlooked because, strictly speaking, white is not “a color” at all, but the absence of color. But white paints come in many dozens of different shades and tints, and some version of white is very often the best choice for a wall color or accent hue. Whites are so important, and so on-trend, that 2016 saw Benjamin Moore paint company name one of its white colors, Simply White, as their Color of the Year. It was a surprising, bold move, but one that quickly drew admiration. 

From Ellen O’Neill, Benjamin Moore Creative Director: “White is not just a design trend, it is a design essential. The popularity of white, the necessity of white, the mystique of white is quantifiable in our industry. Of the top ten best-selling Benjamin Moore colors, variants of white occupy five spots. It was inevitable that we would ultimately recognize white as our Color of the Year.”

A Brilliant Wall Color 

White living room with fireplace

Simply White continues to shine well after being named 2016’s  Color of the Year, thanks to its bright white brilliance. Benjamin Moore’s top paint colors are dominated by white and off-white, and Simply White is a prime example.

White is a versatile neutral which can be used for wall color or trim, and it can be used in any decorating style. With the vast selection of white paints available, consumers and designers are steadily learning how the undertones and nuances of white can suit any project.

Here we see a prime example of how Benjamin Moore Simply White OC-117  shines as the principal color in a room. 

A Perfect Accent Color 

Purple wall in dining room

If you love a bold color or feel overwhelmed by trying to choose the right accent colors, white is a refreshing option. The soft neutrality of Simply White makes it a stunning accent for use with any other wall color you can imagine for your space. 

Using Simply White for architectural features in your home means that you’ll want to also paint your trim in it as well. Kitchen cabinets, fireplaces, built-in shelving—all these features can be perfect in white.

In this example, Simply White forms an accept wall against Benjamin Moore Enchanted 2070-50.

Monochromatic Beauty 

Modern living room with fireplace

This monochromatic white room featuring a handful of color accents is balanced by the stunning black fireplace and French door. To balance an all-white space, consider touches of black or dark espresso, such as Benjamin Moore Black Ink 2127-20.  Keep your color accents to a minimum, opting for one or two pops of color to keep the space feeling relaxed.

Show off Your Neutrals  

 One of the most charming and classic decorating looks is a pale neutral with white accents. Here, Simply White is paired with Benjamin Moore Ballet White OC-9 in this airy room that gives the outdoors the starring role. Any pale neutral gray, off-white, or beige, will look luxurious and relaxing with white and wood accents. The neutral and white palette lets your home’s architecture shine.

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