Curate a home that expresses the true you.

One of the pleasures of creating a home, whether your first or your latest, is finding the décor that turns it from a house or apartment into a home, suffused with warmth and personality. Here are some of the paths you can take to arrive at the home that is your special retreat.

Color That Sings

Most everyone has a color that lifts their heart. The particular hue is a personal choice, of course—and so is the amount. Whether you like to use just a small amount to accent a neutral space or love to splash color with abandon, here are some vibrant options for your room.

There’s nothing shy about peacocks, and the same holds true for the color that takes their name. The Geo Front Mirrored Cabinet is a dramatic combination of peacock and gold that provides storage and makes a statement. More literal interpretations of the peacock appear in many forms—paintings, figurines and other accents await your search of “peacock décor.”

Vibrant orange evokes the warmth of tropical sunsets, especially the glow of the Palisade Lighting Collection’s lighted tables and floor lamp. Another backlit beauty is the Quest Table Lamp, with an orange beaded lampshade that contrasts with the white elephant base.

Rev up your dining space in energetic reds. Lush lipstick-red faux leather makes these Dining Chairs really pop. Bring some additional pops of red with accent pillows or floral artwork.

Some of the most exciting décor effects come from a mix of colors. The Kingston Canvas plays with an electrifying mixture of blue, green, orange and yellow that will capture the attention of any guest. For breathtaking drama, you can’t beat the intricate black and teal woven design on the Kismet 10-pc. Jacquard Bed Set.

A blue mirrored 2-door credenza with a large peacock canvas in blue and tan, peacock feathers in an urn, and lit candles.

Add Some Shimmer

Metallic accents are another way to add an unforgettable touch to your décor. They come in enough different forms that you can choose just how much or how little shine you wish to add. The Set of 3 Butterflies gives you three different shades of shimmer, and allows you to group them together or space them out. This silver ceramic Contemplation Figurine draws the eye and quiets the mind.

The wall is a great place to add a glimmering artwork. Shimmering embellishments add a grace note to a painted canvas.  The Elephant Wall Décor parades a glorious band of golden elephants across your wall. Away from the walls, the Stardust Lounge Shimmer String Panel’s glimmering strands can accent a window or divide a room, in gold or silver, or metallic black or red.

Even furniture makes an appearance in gorgeous metallics. The Accordion Console Table’s funky shape is accentuated by shining its gold surface. Definitely more traditional despite its contemporary looks is the streamlined Apollo Console Shelf.

A silver figurine of a contemplating head supported by hands on each side, mounted on a black base.

Take a Global Tour

More than a trend, global décor is a style that’s here to stay. And it’s easy to incorporate into your home, going just as far (see what we did there?) as you desire—an accent or two, or the whole room. If you’re new to this style, start with a figurine or go a little splashier with a painting that evokes faraway destinations. For a total statement piece, furniture like the African Woman Table will be a showstopper.

For the animal lover who dreams of a photo safari, there are tabletop figurines such as the charming stacked safari animals, or impressively-sized floor figurines, such as the tiger that seems so real more than one customer swore their house cats were convinced.

Meet some exquisite African women who’ll add beauty and energy to any space. Choose a portrait of one or more beautifully dressed women for your wall, or the trio on the double-sided Sisters Screen. If you’re seeking tabletop figurines, you’ll find plenty of striking women in extraordinary apparel, like this elegant Companion Figurine, serenely riding her elephant.

Of course, there’s no rule that says you can’t combine all three of these décor styles into your own form of expression. It’s what makes your home like no other.

An Afrocentric gray metallic, round glass-topped side table, with the base the head and shoulders of a black woman.