Would you believe if I said we started planning our nursery only after our little baby boy turned 6 months? It was the perfect time as most of my nursery decor inspiration came from seeing his cute little character shaping everyday. The plan I had for his room was turning it into a playroom space that he wouldn’t grow out of anytime soon. As part of my nursery decor plans, the first was to liven up the bare walls with some nursery wall art ideas with accent pieces that are functional, inspirational, and educational.

From nursery wall art prints, to wall decals, there are a number of choices. So I have rounded up some nursery wall art ideas that might help new mumma’s set up a baby room/playroom in no time. Be sure to pin this post and come back more often as I’ll continuously be updating this post with new ideas, new art prints and decor.

Nursery Room Feature Wall

Who doesn’t love a good looking feature wall? We added some texture by creating a DIY modern wood accent wall with few stacks of melamine, followed by a fresh coat of paint.

Growing up my big sister and I shared a navy blue room. My parents got it painted out of our constant nag. There was no feature wall concept, there was navy blue on all walls. It was a trend back in my days (90’s). Currently the trend is all about pastel colors so I decided to paint one of the main walls in his nursery with a combination of blue and green pastels. It’s called the blue willow. More on that in our playroom reveal blog post.

Putting up any of the nursery wall art prints on this feature wall would make it all the more busy and not very aesthetically pleasing. So I decided to leave it plain and simple with just one wall hanging – a name plaque. I pictured this way before we start our home renovation. 

Personalised Name Plaque

nursery wall art prints

A wood colored name plaque is such a nice addition to the nursery wall art, whether you have a feature wall or not. These come in different materials like acrylic or MDF etc so you can choose based on your nursery styling. They are perfect for a baby girl or boys nursery decor.

nursery and playroom wall art prints
Nursery wall art decor

Nursery Wall Art Prints

Playing is not just for fun but also crucial for a healthy brain development so a creative and safe space where kids can spend hours of quality time playing could encourage independent playing too. Ah! I know what you are thinking – ‘hours for playing’. Noway that happens! Maybe someday?

From inspirational quotes, animal prints to canvas wall hanging, there are so many wall art choices. Here are some to get you started on your planning.

Animal Printable Art Prints

Who doesn’t love cute animals in a jungle safari theme or just any nursery decor. This set of 2  includes a Koala, an Australian animal who we are going to name ‘Joey’ because he’s an infant and baby infants are called Joey:). They can sleep upto 18 hours a day unlike babies. Ha!

The second print is a bear found in the northern hemisphere continents. Their large bodies with stocky legs and tiny ears make them such fun characters. Buy these animal prints here.

Australian animal prints

Typography Printable Art Prints

Featuring minimal meaningful words, these typography printable art prints are ideal for a gender neutral room.

Buy Now Here


Educational Nursery Art Prints

Just pop some alphabet and number prints into a frame and hang them so you can take them out from time to time for a little study material. Buy these here.

alphabet nursery art prints, 123 nursery art prints, rainbow art prints
Set of 3 education nursery wall art prints: includes alphabet prints, 123 nursery prints, rainbow prints

Inspirational/Meaningful Quotes

No room is complete without an inspirational/meaningful quote. From expressing your inner feelings for your little peanut to wanting to exude some inspirational thoughts, these art prints will say it all.

Set of 2 nursery art prints you are my sunshine nursery art print and rainbow nursery wall art prints
Set of 2 nursery wall art prints: You Are My sunshine and And My Rainbow

Minimalist and Modern Rainbow Nursery Art Print

This minimalist and elegant rainbow printable art print would be lovely in an A1 frame. Buy these here.


Sun And Mountain Art Prints

An abstract sun and mountain art prints for a pink themed baby girl nursery. Buy these here.

Sun and moon nursery art prints
Sun and moon nursery art prints for baby girl nursery wall decor

Share some of your nursery decor ideas by commenting below. If you like this post, be sure to pin it so you can view it later:).