How to Put a Peg Board to Work 

This micro-unit designed by Position Collective will inspire any apartment dweller to make the most of their tiny space. The 323 square foot studio, located in Budapest, Hungary, puts the classic peg board to work as a sleek and meticulous multifunctional storage system. 

The Apartment Gets Lots of Light 

The one room micro apartment is divided into two distinct rooms; a bedroom and kitchen. The latter, which includes a dining area, is on one side of the studio near a large window that faces the balcony. 

Peek at the Kitchen 

Peg board storage in kitchen

Here is a closer peek at the kitchen. Above the compact countertop is an easy to clean glass covered backsplash. The wall features spectacular modular storage that can be customized quickly and easily using peg board shelving. 

Steal This Hanging Storage Idea 

Another great storage feature in this micro unit is the green shelf that doubles as a hanging clothing rack.

Tip: Check out the dining table and chairs. Unlike chunky furniture that can make a tiny place feel cramped and crowded, these trim pieces give the apartment a more open and airy feeling.

Steal This Room Divider Idea 

A simple net is what divides the studio into two distinct rooms. This thrifty and smart divider, not only acts as a partition, but it also allows sunlight from the large kitchen window to fill the entire apartment. The sturdy net can also be used to display photos, cards, and string lights.

Tip: What kind of net can you use to divide your space? If you want something that is both inexpensive and drapes nicely, you go with a decorative fishnet. If you want something super sturdy so you can hang stuff on it, a high impact golf net is an excellent option.

Peg Board Storage Wall 

The peg board storage wall runs the entire length of the studio apartment. In the bedroom, it functions as a decorative headboard with built-in shelving.

FYI: Notice how the bed is the same height as the countertop? The platform beneath it contains additional storage.

Crafted From Plywood  

The peg board storage wall and platform storage bed were both handcrafted from plywood. Using an inexpensive building material like this made it possible to deck out this micro apartment with customized storage solutions without breaking the bank.  

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