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10 Fall Mantel Décor Ideas to Welcome the Season

As soon as the weather cools down, there’s nowhere we’d rather be than cuddled by the fireplace. And if you’re already spending so much time huddled around your hearth, it may as well be festive. The mantel is your living room‘s focal point so if you’re going to decorate any part of your home for fall, this […]

5 Gallery Wall Layouts to Try in 2021

You’ve just moved into a new place. After months of scrolling Pinterest inspo, you’ve got your essentials—a coffee table, sofa, and area rug are all present and accounted for. So why doesn’t your living room look like the swoon-worthy images you’ve been saving? The answer is simple: You’re missing a gallery wall. When it comes to bringing a space together, it’s your […]

10 Pretty DIY Wall Decor Ideas to Beat Blank Walls for Good

There’s something so intimidating about staring at a big blank wall. If you’ve moved recently (or, understandably, not-so-recently) and haven’t gotten around to filling your space with art or decor, then check out these 25 beautiful DIY wall decor ideas to break up that blank wall. From woven wall hangings to wreaths to floating shelves to […]

10 Easy DIY Wall Decor Ideas for Your Home

10 easy DIY Wall Decor Ideas to decorate your home, adding warmth and personal style. These ideas are affordable, unexpected and so easy to implement. Skip the big box wall art for a personalized look that oozes charm! It seems I’m always trying to fill a wall somewhere in our home. We’ve lived in our […]

Simple and positive home décor ideas you can execute now

The COVID-19 outbreak has got us to stay home more than ever, and the feelings that most of us share our boredom and anxiety. Simple and positive home décor ideas you can execute now Staying home for such a long time can sure be overwhelming. But if you start redecorating your home and change your […]

How An Interior Stylist Made An Eclectic Gallery Wall (It’s So Gorgeous You’ll Want One Right Now!)

There is no doubt that gallery walls make a space stunning but if not done right it can look tacky. So it’s quite important to plan the process well before you start hitting those nails on the walls. I’ve always been a big fan of gallery walls and wanted one for my living room. But […]

How A Blogger Fit In A Home Office In Her Tiny Mumbai Bedroom!

Rukmini Ray Kadam, the home decor blogger behind Trumatter, shares her home with a husband who uses a study table in the bedroom as his occasional work station. When Rukmini realised she also needed a dedicated workspace (for the sake of her spine!) she realised it wasn’t going to be an easy task. She needed to add a second […]

10 Best Wall Decor Ideas For 2021

Wall decoration is an art that brings back to life the most boring rooms ever. Most people think that it’s an expensive project that is reserved only for big hotels and the who’s who of the society. The truth is, you don’t need to break the bank to make an attractive look of your wall […]

8 Apartment Wall Decor Ideas To Upgrade Your Space

Your apartment’s walls are a blank canvas to express your personal style. Art is a popular decorative option, but you have a lot of other choices, too. Whether you’re on a budget or you simply want to explore new decor possibilities, we can show you some unexpected ways to spruce up your home’s walls and […]

Girl’s Room Decor: From Her First to Her Pre-Teen Years

Picking out your girl’s room decor is a fun and exciting process. Her tastes will change as she grows up. And it’s important to know how to change her room to accompany that. She’s probably going to spend more time in her bedroom than any other room after all. So it’s important that it’s decorated […]