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Gorgeous Reading Room Ideas We Want to Steal

A very bookworm knows the feeling: the experience of losing yourself in a riveting novel, flipping page after page while the clock ticks closer and closer to midnight. Unfortunately, finding a great spot to read can be just as difficult as finding the time to do so. To help inspire you to make the space […]

10 Fall Mantel Décor Ideas to Welcome the Season

As soon as the weather cools down, there’s nowhere we’d rather be than cuddled by the fireplace. And if you’re already spending so much time huddled around your hearth, it may as well be festive. The mantel is your living room‘s focal point so if you’re going to decorate any part of your home for fall, this […]

Something Old, Something New

One of the most common questions we hear  is along the lines of “How can I incorporate vintage pieces into my existing decor?” The good news: There’s no right or wrong way. Of course, that means there’s no magic formula either. However, the guidelines below will help you create a “something old, something new” space that you’ll […]

5 Ways to Arrange Art Above a Console

ven for the most seasoned decorator, filling a large empty wall—such as the one over a console table or a sideboard—can be daunting. Luckily you’ve got options. Below, we’re breaking down a few of our favorite tried-and-true art arrangements, each one perfect for customizing to suit your space and style. Read on, get inspired, and […]

15 Fun & Festive Fall Decor Ideas For Your Home

With fall officially upon us and Thanksgiving on the way, it’s finally time to say goodbye to bright summer prints and hello to all things festive and cozy.   If you’ve been looking for some inspiration on how to decorate your home this season, keep reading because I’ve got 15 fun and festive fall decor […]

How to create a gallery wall – tips, tricks and advice

Wondering how to create a gallery wall – a display of multiple framed works – has become a national obsession.  Gallery wall ideas are handy to have up your sleeve when decorating because they  can be designed to fit into almost any space in the house, from clustered around the television screen to lining the wall […]

Summer Chic and Sustainable Interior Design Ideas

With summer just around the corner and temperatures heating up, here are five simple ideas that will transform your interiors, giving a fresh new summer look. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to cost the earth. British interior designer, and founder of Zoom That Room, Benji Lewis, offers a myriad of options from eco-conscious ideas to fresh new colours and […]

How to Incorporate Wall Art into Your Décor

Whether it’s a painting, a photograph, a print or a one-of-a-kind, a beautiful piece of wall art is an easy way to add style to a bedroom, living room, entryway or any other room in your home and create an overall atmosphere. When it comes to purchasing wall art, don’t feel pressured to select the most expensive or […]

Bookshelf Decor Ideas

Shelf styling seems so effortless in the inspiring images we see across social media, right? But we all know that certainly isn’t the whole truth! This guide full of bookshelf decor ideas aims to take the stress out of the process. Learn how to style the perfect combination of books, pottery, art and more! This […]