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How to Make a Room Look Bigger: 7 Tips for Fooling the Eye

Need to add some pizzazz to a small space? Check out these clever interior design-inspired tricks. When outfitting small spaces, everything counts. With a few well-placed items and smart design choices, you can actually make a room look bigger. Color techniques, furniture arranging, mirror placement, and creative lighting design can fool the eye and make […]

Colors that go with yellow – the expert guide to decorating your home

Colors that go with yellow are an optimist’s secret design weapon. For it’s no secret that this eternally smiley hue will bring an everlasting dose of sunshine into your home, and knowing how to pair with a palette means you’re creating a space in which you can always be happy. When it comes to yellow, […]

Small Dining Room Ideas for a Stylish Home

The dining room is the quintessential place to gather and share, whether you’re hosting a formal dinner party or just serving a weeknight meal. Smaller dining rooms bring an element of intimacy to gatherings large and small, though finding enough space for everyone to sit, eat and mingle can be a squeeze. Be ready for […]

Mother’s Day | 6 Designer-Approved Interior Design Hacks For Busy Moms

This mother’s day, make your place more efficient with the following design hacks ideal for busy mothers. Moms have a tough time managing homes. And it gets extra hard when you have small kids who run around the house. Keeping them away from rough edges of your furniture is a task in itself. And not […]

10 Cool Wall Door Stickers – Murals

Looking for a way to transform bland, boring doors around your home? Door stickers can give a personalized look to any room, and come available in a wide variety of designs and colors. They can transform the way any room door looks like and literally refresh the whole decor. Here are some tips on what […]

8 Unique and Fun Ways To Decorate With Maps

Maps are majestic and bring out a sense of adventure and exploration. They can stir up your imagination and dreams … and also add a nostalgic flair to any space. Your home is essentially a reflection of yourself, your personality, your likes and your comforts. And whether metaphorically or literally … maps take us to […]

10 Stylish Nursery Ideas That Will Grow Along With Your Baby

If you have a little one on the way, there are plenty of decisions that will keep you up at night, from planning your finances and parenting styles to trying to wrap your head around child care for when you have to go back to work. However, there’s one aspect of preparing that should always be fun, […]

How To Mix And Match Bedroom Furniture With Existing Furniture Pieces

LET ME SHOW YOU HOW EASY IT IS TO MIX AND MATCH YOUR BEDROOM FURNITURE WITH OTHER PIECES THAT ALREADY EXIST IN THE ROOM. When I was presented with a chance to select furnishings from Rooms To Go, I knew it would be the perfect opportunity to design a tween bedroom refresh in a room that […]

10 Incredible Living Rooms with Mirrors

Mirrors create a certain illusion depending on how you actually use it in home design. In today’s home designs, designers are considering more mirrors in the house since it usually magnifies small spaces and allows people to think that a certain space is bigger than it actually is. Since there are a lot of innovation […]

How to Turn Your Playroom into a Classroom

You’ve got the new desk, stocked up on pencils, and found the spot in the house with the best Wi-Fi: It’s time to go back to school, and this year things look very different. Gone are the days of doing homework at the kitchen counter. As classes move online, many families are having to transform their playrooms […]