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4 Ways to Style Your Home Like an Interior Designer

Whether it’s an inspirational home in a glossy magazine or a celebrity’s well-styled house on social media, they often share one thing – the all-important touch of an interior designer. Designers bring beauty and taste to homes they work with, creating luxurious, enviable spaces. Achieving that polished designer feel in the home is completely possible […]

How Interior Design Can Enhance People’s Experience of Spaces

When it comes to interior design, people often talk about the aesthetic aspects, such as how to achieve a certain look and which decorating trend to follow. But there’s a whole lot more to interior design than these. One aspect that’s not often taken into consideration is the effects of interior design on a person’s […]

Fall Decorating Ideas for Your Home

When the leaves start turning those beautiful rich gold, amber and marigold hues, it’s time to start transitioning your home’s interior decor for the fall months. This doesn’t have to mean a complete overhaul—a few tweaks here and there in each room can have a strong visual and emotional impact for your family, and for […]

Nursery Checklist: Your Complete Shopping Guide to Nursery Essentials

Few design endeavors require the planning and preparation that goes into a nursery. It’s a huge undertaking if you’re expecting parents, especially when time is of the essence and life doesn’t stop. And, of course, you want a space that’s comfy and stylish for both you and your baby. Some of the biggest hurdles and […]

15 Art Deco Style Bedrooms

Art Deco style has a long history that began in France and bloomed into a leading trend in Europe and the U.S. in the early 20th century. In the realm of interior design, Art Deco style was marked in part by the use of geometric shapes, stylized curves, atmospheric lighting, and lush materials like marble, velvet, […]

10 elegant living room ideas to add grandeur to any size space

Elegant living room ideas can encompass so many styles. What exactly doe elegant mean? What first comes to mind for us is lofty ceilings, chandeliers, antique mirrors, ornate pieces, lots of metallics, brave patterns and bold deep hues. But elegance comes in many forms and no matter what your style or size of living room you can […]

What Effect Does Your Furniture Have On Your Mood?

When it comes to home furniture and accessories, the style, color, size, and form of your pieces must all be carefully considered to guarantee that they will function well in your area. Did you realize that these things might have an impact on your mood? To ensure that your home furniture and accessories blend well […]

7 Easy Tips for Making Your Home Cosy

Creating a comfortable home you can enjoy is not as straightforward as it may seem. On the contrary, satisfying all of your needs in a limited space might quickly become a real challenge. You not only have to take care of all the necessary maintenance, like heating service and repair, but you should also improve your […]

The Importance of Good Lighting in Your Home

Lighting always plays an important aspect in any interior space. When decorating, people usually focus on furniture, carpentry and walls, but lights almost come as an afterthought. However as we know it, the power of lighting in one’s home plays a crucial part. Good vs. bad lighting: Not all people are as sensitive to the quality of lighting in […]

10 Best Hanging Lights For Living Room That Set The Right Mood

Hanging lights for living room lend aesthetic appeal and utility The living room is your home’s melting pot. It’s where you kick back after a long day to relax on the couch in front of the TV. It’s also where you host all types of guests and visitors to your home. Sometimes, you may need […]