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How To Create A Gallery Wall in Your Home

STEP 1: Collect your piece for the wall. Think of your gallery wall as a collector or curator would. You don’t want to procure a bunch of meaningless items and stick them up to fill the wall. Instead, you’ll want to shop for items slowly. It took me a few months to gather all of […]

6 Minimalist Design Tips That Prove Less Is More

This year has completely shifted the way people design their homes. For many families, room layouts had to be adjusted to accommodate Zoom meetings and remote learning. Others were focused on carving out space to exercise during the day, and some were simply all about make their homes more cozy overall, whether it was with the addition of greenery, more inviting color […]

5 Home Decorating Resolutions You Should Embrace After a Move

The moving process can be pretty work intensive. If you’re selling, staging your home so that someone will fall in love with it and buy it is a job in itself. Then, there’s the task of packing and clearing out your old place. And then there’s the actual move, unpacking, and home decorating as you […]

10 Recliner Chairs in Contemporary Living Rooms

Ever thought of getting a recliner chair for your Dad? Since I was a little kid, I always saw movies wherein the dad has this huge, black or brown high back accent chair or recliner chair where he sits on whenever he watches TV with the family in the living room. Since then, I thought, […]

Simple and Stunning: 15 Farmhouse Dining Room Designs

Hearing the term farmhouse would make us think of a home located on a rural area surrounded by trees and pastures. You would picture a home made of wooden planks and an interior that is kind of shabby with a lot of wooden furniture. Well, you can be right but did you know that farmhouse […]

How to Choose Wall Art for Your Space

Here’s the deal. Choosing art for your home doesn’t always come naturally. For some, it may even be the most challenging part of tying a room together. And while questions like how do I choose the right size or the right colors to fit my space? and how do I pair different pieces of art […]

How to Turn Your Playroom into a Classroom

You’ve got the new desk, stocked up on pencils, and found the spot in the house with the best Wi-Fi: It’s time to go back to school, and this year things look very different. Gone are the days of doing homework at the kitchen counter. As classes move online, many families are having to transform their playrooms […]

Brown Living Room Décor Ideas

When it comes to furnishing an apartment or some space with furniture, many people opt for brown. Brown living room decor is a unique and beautiful way to add some warmth to any living room ideas. The photos and ideas below will actually enlighten you about this option and why you should choose it. Why choose brown […]

The One Practical Decor Piece You Need in Your Home

I’ve made my fair share of silly purchases. Heck, during COVID-19 lockdown I ordered a Lululemon belt bag specifically to wear while hiking, despite the fact that I only participate in said activity about twice a year. I blame cabin fever. But there’s one purchase that never leaves me with buyers remorse, and it’s probably not what […]