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Is Sleeping With Wet Hair Bad for You? A Hairstylist Explains

Sometimes, after a long day, it’s all you can do to take a shower and wash your hair before collapsing into bed, which means your hair will still be wet once you hit the sheets. But is it wise to drift off to dreamland with damp tresses? Without a doubt, the topic of going to bed with […]

6 Ways To Treat Hair Loss In Females

Hair loss is really a devastating journey for people regardless of their gender, but for females, it can be a crucial journey as they create a connection of hair with their beauty. Hair loss in females can happen due to various reasons such as hormonal changes, stress, genetics, or just a natural aging process. The […]

Hair Falling Out? This Might Be Why

My husband was the first to comment, “What’s with all the hair in the sink?”  My medical assistant was second, when she stopped me before I stepped into an exam room to point out the handful of loose strands scattered over my shoulders and back. My stylist was third, when I went in for a […]


It’s quite easy to disregard or ignore what you can’t see (read that again). Now, that probably explains why most of us ignore an area on our bodies that’s out of sight —the scalp. When you disturb the health of your scalp, it transforms into this ravenous breeding ground for an abyss of problem to […]

Here’s How to Lighten Your Hair Without Hitting the Salon

There are times you want a major hair transformation, with bright blonde highlights or all over color, and it’s best to hit the salon. Colorists are trained to make sure you don’t damage your strands. But for a subtle lightening effect, you can totally DIY with a few lightener products you might already have at […]

Does your haircare routine need a little shaking up?

Has anyone else seen the ‘Dress Up Not Down’ challenge circulating on social media? I’ve seen a few people the last while putting up posts about it and honestly? It’s heart-warming. The idea is simple; With no real reason to dress up nowadays, it’s easy to get into a slump of tracksuits and lounge wear […]

How to Establish the Right Hair Care Routine for You

Getting into a hair care routine is just like embarking on a skin care one. Once you’ve found one that works for you, you’ll rarely stray. But the process of finding that routine can seem a little daunting, especially when there’s numerous options for people with the same hair type. Here’s a breakdown of everything […]