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Glorious Green: Bring Nature’s Most Beautiful Shade to Your Home

by Johnny Hoang Juny 15, 2020 It says a lot that “green” is the word we use to describe anything relating to the environment, or that’s at all eco-friendly. It shows that green is, above all, the color we all associate most strongly with the natural world. And it makes sense! Chlorophyll—the substance that makes plants […]

Wallpapers That Will Have Your Home Basking in Botanical Beauty

by Johnny Hoang July 13, 2020 6 GREEN WALLPAPERS THAT WILL HAVE YOUR HOME BASKING IN BOTANICAL BEAUTY Did you know that green is known to create feelings of calmness? Imagine walking through a forest or beautiful garden. It’s no surprise that the color green is (excuse the pun) evergreen, likely to trend eternally. Does that mean our […]