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9 Small Dining Room Ideas That Serve Up Style

Making the most out of any room is the key to creating a space that’s both comfortable for you and welcoming to your guests. One of the most important rooms for entertaining or winding down after a long day is the dining room. Here are nine ideas to best utilize even the smallest of dining […]

How to Make a Room Look Bigger: 7 Tips for Fooling the Eye

Need to add some pizzazz to a small space? Check out these clever interior design-inspired tricks. When outfitting small spaces, everything counts. With a few well-placed items and smart design choices, you can actually make a room look bigger. Color techniques, furniture arranging, mirror placement, and creative lighting design can fool the eye and make […]

How to make your workplace feel like home

Because wearing pyjamas to the office is probably not an option… Aah, working from home. It’s the dream, isn’t it? Getting up minutes – rather than hours – before your official start time. Commuting ‘down the stairs’ or even ‘across the landing’ to your dining table or desk. Dressing formally to the waist – newsreader, […]

This Is How to Choose the Best Furniture for Your Small Space, Designers Say

Just because you can get a couch through the doorway doesn’t quite mean it is the right size for your space. But before you go through great lengths with that tape measurer, learning a few tricks about finding the best small space furniture for any room will save you a lot of stress. Seriously, there’s no […]

The Freshome Dream Dining Room

The dining room is such an interesting part of the home. It’s gone through a number of transformations over the years. It first served as a mark of wealth, setting apart families who could afford the extra square footage to dedicate an entire room just to eating. Then, it fell out of favor. As dinnertime […]

3 Simple Ways To Bring Your Kitchen To Life

As we transition our spaces welcoming each season, we consider ways to refresh each vignette and breathe new life into our surroundings. In the kitchen, we rely on streamlined, functional pieces to elevate our everyday experiences and create an energized environment. From designer-detailed serveware to textural vases overflowing with greenery, simple styling elements can instantly […]


Over the past one year, dining tables in the homes have become so much more than just a place to have your meals. It has become an office space, virtual classrooms, place for zoom meetings and a place for puzzles, crafts and games. It has become one of the most important pieces of furniture in […]

Small Dining Room Ideas for a Stylish Home

The dining room is the quintessential place to gather and share, whether you’re hosting a formal dinner party or just serving a weeknight meal. Smaller dining rooms bring an element of intimacy to gatherings large and small, though finding enough space for everyone to sit, eat and mingle can be a squeeze. Be ready for […]

Guide To Choosing Your Dining Table Shape

Rectangular, round, oval or square – which dining table shape fits YOUR needs? Which shape (and size!) is right for your room decor and space, and what are the pros & cons of each style? Here’s your guide to picking the dining table shape! Rectangular Dining Table Design It is safe to say that a […]

10 Furniture Ideas To Maximize Your Space In A Small Apartment

In today’s post, I talk about 10 space-saving furniture and accessory pieces that will help maximize your space in a small apartment and create a comfortable living space – all without sacrificing functionality! 1. Foldable Chairs Foldable chairs are an amazing invention and are totally perfect for small living spaces.  These foldable wooden chairs can be easily […]