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Top Tips for Decorating Small Spaces

Looking to make the most out of your cozy apartment, townhome, condo or house? Think of decorating your space as an opportunity to get creative. How do you maximize storage and function without sacrificing style? Our small space decorating ideas, tips and tricks will spark your creativity and help you think beyond the square footage. […]

10 Furniture Ideas To Maximize Your Space In A Small Apartment

In today’s post, I talk about 10 space-saving furniture and accessory pieces that will help maximize your space in a small apartment and create a comfortable living space – all without sacrificing functionality! 1. Foldable Chairs Foldable chairs are an amazing invention and are totally perfect for small living spaces.  These foldable wooden chairs can be easily […]

Summer Chic and Sustainable Interior Design Ideas

With summer just around the corner and temperatures heating up, here are five simple ideas that will transform your interiors, giving a fresh new summer look. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to cost the earth. British interior designer, and founder of Zoom That Room, Benji Lewis, offers a myriad of options from eco-conscious ideas to fresh new colours and […]

How to Style a Coffee Table: Our Top 6 Coffee Table Decor Ideas

A well-decorated coffee table has the power to anchor the living room with a unified aesthetic. Wondering how to style a coffee table? Whether you want to add color to your space, declutter the area or display a few personal touches, the furniture brings style and functionality to the room. While the possibilities are vast, we’ve gathered […]

Tips for Creating a Neutral Living Room

A neutral living room can feel effortless, warm and welcoming, but they’re not as “effortless” as they look. These simple tips will help you create a space that feels anything but uninspired! A neutral space is a balance of color, texture, tones and layers. It creates the ultimate retreat – in the comfort of your […]

10 tips for shopping antiques and vintage furniture like a pro

There’s no better way to upgrade your home decor than by introducing a timeless vintage piece that imparts a certain je ne sais quoi that only objects with history can. If you’re on the hunt for that perfect piece, we share our top tips on buying antiques and vintage pieces like the pros. This new approach […]

How to Decorate a Small Living Room In Country Style

Decorating a living room is sometimes complicated, because the vast majority of people do not know how to decorate a small living room in a country style. If you are looking for excellent tips and ideas for decorating a small country style living room, here you can find the best tips and ideas you need […]

6 Ways To Use Serving Trays In Your Decor

Serving trays are incredibly versatile home decor elements that can be styled in an even wider range of ways. Although they’re called serving trays their functions go way beyond just serving. They help keep you organized, create catch-all spots for similar items, and can tie a room together with a few well placed accents on […]

10 Pieces ALL Designers Swear By

When you look at chic home after chic home, a few pieces pop up again and again. Not because they’re cliché, but because they’re utterly classic—and wildly useful to boot. With that in mind, we pulled together a top 10 list of tried-and-true pieces that should have a spot in every home. How many do […]

The One Practical Decor Piece You Need in Your Home

I’ve made my fair share of silly purchases. Heck, during COVID-19 lockdown I ordered a Lululemon belt bag specifically to wear while hiking, despite the fact that I only participate in said activity about twice a year. I blame cabin fever. But there’s one purchase that never leaves me with buyers remorse, and it’s probably not what […]