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8 Ways To Splash Color Onto Your Space Without Paint

By Johnny Hoang Juny 18, 2020 When a room is lacking life and feeling dull, adding color is the first thing that comes to mind. But adding color doesn’t always have to involve paint. As it already goes without saying, painting is messy — not to mention, renters might not have the chance to even […]

Color on the Brain: The Story of Color Psychology & Your Home

by Johnny Hoang July 16, 2020 Even if you’re not a complete homebody, the decor and vibe of your living space plays a considerable role in how you feel when you’re there, whether it’s a bright, minimalist apartment on a big city street or a homey, shabby-chic cottage on a country road. Who doesn’t feel […]

Glorious Green: Bring Nature’s Most Beautiful Shade to Your Home

by Johnny Hoang Juny 15, 2020 It says a lot that “green” is the word we use to describe anything relating to the environment, or that’s at all eco-friendly. It shows that green is, above all, the color we all associate most strongly with the natural world. And it makes sense! Chlorophyll—the substance that makes plants […]

Wallpapers That Will Have Your Home Basking in Botanical Beauty

by Johnny Hoang July 13, 2020 6 GREEN WALLPAPERS THAT WILL HAVE YOUR HOME BASKING IN BOTANICAL BEAUTY Did you know that green is known to create feelings of calmness? Imagine walking through a forest or beautiful garden. It’s no surprise that the color green is (excuse the pun) evergreen, likely to trend eternally. Does that mean our […]