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This Is How to Choose the Best Furniture for Your Small Space, Designers Say

Just because you can get a couch through the doorway doesn’t quite mean it is the right size for your space. But before you go through great lengths with that tape measurer, learning a few tricks about finding the best small space furniture for any room will save you a lot of stress. Seriously, there’s no […]

6 Easy Ways to Carve Out a Dining Area in a Small Space

Even if you don’t have space to set up a full-fledged dining room in your apartment, carving out a little nook in which to sip coffee and enjoy dinner with guests is integral to your life at home. Small space dwellers have shown us that there are plenty of possibilities to get creative when it comes to styling an […]

The Perfect Accent Chair for Every Zodiac Sign

There’s an accent chair for every style—and every zodiac sign. So, when you’re looking at the options and are torn over the incredible chair silhouettes you’ve saved on Instagram, perhaps it’s time to center yourself with an introspective look at what might resonate with your birth sign. Whether you’re a future-loving Aquarius, an Aries in need of a statement, […]


The living room is the most lived in space in the house; one in which you spend the most time. This room, on a functional basis is the least specific of all other rooms but it is generally the one which gives most value to the entire home. Along with this, it is also the […]

Accent Chairs – Cool Home Decor Using Accent Furniture

Decorating With Accent Furniture – The Arm Chair Source: horchow.com via Lori on Pinterest The arm chair is an often under rated piece of accent furniture. Everyone focuses on a sofa to give a room its dramatic impact. Maybe it’s time to think outside the box! Maybe it’s time to rediscover the arm chair as an important piece of accent […]

Thinking Fall

Comfortable and elegant. Earthy and sophisticated. This autumn, we want it all. And inspired by Southwestern allure and Southern charm, we’re bringing it all to your home. The James Accent Chair is classic in design, but the coppery upholstery is straight out of the Southwestern palette. Ditto the ocher hue of the streamlined velvet Shiloh Swivel Stools. As a result, they elevate […]