by Johnny July 11, 2020

Summer isn’t over yet and if you’re looking to keep those summer vibes inside throughout the fall and winter, then check out these fun trends!


Vibrant colors that are delicious to look at and not overwhelming to the senses — Gelato colors are key. From Mint Green to Duck Egg Blue and Strawberry Pink, these scoops of color are definitely going to get you excited about your next trip to Jeni’s Ice Cream. And if you’re hard pressed to pick just one shade, then why must you? Imagine being inside your favorite ice cream store and having to choose just one flavor… Doesn’t that just sound problematic? But who says you have to pick just one? And the same goes for picking out colors for your home this season. You can mix and match hues that contrast nicely to bring forth an energetic yet chill vibe. So, only one question remains then: Which flavors are you going to scoop up for your home?


Botanical prints like florals and foliage never go out of style, but there’s no doubt that during the Summer time is when they are even more stunning. And our beloved floras and lovely leaves are here to stay. Oversized palms add visual interest in any room and even if you don’t have much of a green thumb, this trend can still work for you. You can add that extra layer of ‘life’ by working with prints, wall decor and other accessories as well.


Last year we saw metallics take center stage, and it seems that trend isn’t going anywhere this summer. Only this time, we put the spotlight on the ever elegant Gold. Adding touches of this darling metallic shade instantly gives any space a cheerful warmth and ritzy brilliance, the classiest pop of color you can add to any room.


Always popular at this time of year, and a continuation from last year as well, the refreshing vibe that comes with a tropical theme (or even just little touches here and there) is a timeless favorite. This trend is ever present because who doesn’t want the special kind of chill and calming feeling that you can usually only experience at tropical places?


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Photo Credits: Coral Room by KEVIN FRANCIS O’GARA & Swimmers Removable Wallpaper by Jhonny Hoang