Spare bedroom ideas – design experts show how to turn this into a loved and loveable part of the home

Spare bedroom ideas are often left to last when it comes to home decor. They’re not a priority…except by us. Making your home comfortable to others – as much as yourself – is what life is all about. A place for friends to relax in, a space for them to want to visit, is a wonderful luxury to be able to offer. We all want our guests to be welcomed into an elegant room with everything they need for a restful night’s sleep, so they can wake up refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

It might also be nice to arrange a small seating area so they can have some private time if they are staying for a few days, somewhere to read or just relax.

“Even one night spent in your own guest room is enough to reveal some amenities that might be lacking, or a quirk or two that needs to be addressed,” says
Houzz contributor and sustainability consultant Shana Levy McCracken.  “I recommend you walk through each step your guests will face, from their arrival to their departure, to make sure all their needs will be met.”

Unlike when considering your own bedroom ideas, a spare room also needs to be versatile. Not everyone can keep a room just for guests, so think about what else it could be used for. A crafting room, perhaps, or a home office.


spare bedroom ideas using a green bed frame against a white wall and wood furniture

Design by A1000XBetter

(Image credit: Alex Zarour, Virtually Here Studios)

There is a lot to be said for keeping designs in a spare room simple. Guests are not accustomed to the  layout so are more prone to bump into things and trip over furniture, so think about a clear path from the bed to the bathroom. Also provide a choice of feather pillows and pillows with artificial fillings in case a guest is allergic to feathers.  Add fresh flowers on the day your guests arrive as a lovely welcome.

“This guest bedroom wasn’t a large room so I really wanted it to have some personality to make up for its lack of size,” says Kirsten Blazek of design studio A1000XBetter. What elevated this restful scheme into a more modern bedroom is the unexpected color of the bed frame. It’s always good to include a twist to delight your guests.  “The bright green bed added charm and character to the space. I also incorporated great textiles throughout the room and an interesting light fixture, but I didn’t want to overwhelm the space. We added built-in storage in the niche for practical reasons and this turned out to be a great place to display decorative objects.”


spare bedroom with two wrought iron bed and white walls

(Image credit: Michael Del Piero)

Twin beds are making a comeback. They are a classic choice for children’s rooms and guest bedrooms and are a practical, flexible solution for hosting a crowd. Twin beds create symmetry, and help to bring order to a spare bedroom. They give it the ability to host two children, or be pushed together a for couple. If the room is short of space, place a bedside table between the two beds rather than one on either side.

“We tend to keep spare room color palette’s quite neutral so that they feel serene and soothing,” says the interior designer Michael Del Piero, who created this scheme. “Adding textural elements like soft throws mixed with more sculptural pieces creates a space that feels streamlined yet earthy and inviting. Intriguing artwork and accessories with a mix of materials add personalization and layers that complete the look.”


spare bedroom ideas using brown and orange patterned wallpaper

Design by A1000XBetter

(Image credit: Alex Zarour, Virtually Here Studios)

Remember that bedroom wallpaper you fell in love with but couldn’t find a place for? The spare room is the ideal spot. It might be overpowering in the main bedroom, but it’s ideal for a room that is only used occasionally. Keep the rest of the décor simple, with neutral colors and a simple headboard design.

“When designing a spare bedroom I like to include colors and patterns that make sense in the home as a whole, says Kirsten Blazek of design studio A1000XBetter. Pick a color you’ve used elsewhere in the home and include that in the pattern of the spare bedroom, so it doesn’t jar. “I also make sure I think about functionality and comfort. I love using high-quality linen bedding and a mattress topper for extra comfort,” she adds.


spare bedroom ideas with wood panelling on the walls and white and grey pillows

(Image credit: Raili Clasen)

You see some great ideas when staying in boutique hotels, so consider incorporating some of them when you are designing your spare room at home. Wood panelling is so on-trend at the moment and instantly gives a modern vibe in a room. Add funky lighting and contemporary art to complete the look. An understated take on the luxury bedroom.

“Years ago, we treated spare bedrooms in our projects as secondary rooms, says the interior designer Raili Clasen, who created this scheme.  “That was the room we used our clients’ past furnishings that they wanted to keep, and these rooms were not at all the shining stars of the home. We’ve completely changed our approach! Guest rooms should almost have a ‘you are special and this room reflects it’ moment. Quality mattresses and sheets, and then layer on the cool details. I love taking design chances in spare bedrooms so they almost feel ‘boutique hotel’ more than ‘sterile and un-imaginitive’.”


spare bedroom ideas using blue and red statement headboard

(Image credit: Kelling Designs)

A bedroom doesn’t really look complete unless the bed has a headboard. Make it the focal point in the room and it will also act as an anchor for the overall design scheme. This shaped design in rich blue velvet with a contrasting border in berry red adds a dose of color. The shape is echoed in the vintage mirrors on either side of the bed, just out of shot.

“If you have the space, then a pair of matching bedside table on either side of the bed with matching lamps and shades flanked with matching mirrors behind will bring a symmetrical finish to the room”, says Emma Deterding of Kelling Designs. “The mirrors will help bounce light back into the room giving the illusion of space and brightness. As always, before splurging on new furniture, look at the pieces you have and make use of any antique or vintage pieces. You can always upcycle tired and dated pieces and give them a new lease of life, bringing character and charm to the room.”


spare bedroom ideas using bright blues and greens

(Image credit: Natalie Papier)

Introduce vintage pieces such as this cabinet which has been painted grass green for an eclectic feel, the gold handles add to it’s mid-century look. Bedroom color ideas can be full of personality when it’s not a room you need to sleep in very often. The vintage stool makes a quirky side table, then add pattern in the bed throw and rug. More bold color is added in the unusual art works and the pillows.

Spare bedroom designs, in my opinion, should be both restful and functional,” says Natalie Papier.  “I love a pale hue on the wall to create a feeling of serenity.  It also gives you an opportunity to let the artwork, decor and textile pattern-mixing a moment to shine!”


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