The COVID-19 outbreak has got us to stay home more than ever, and the feelings that most of us share our boredom and anxiety.

Simple and positive home décor ideas you can execute now

Staying home for such a long time can sure be overwhelming. But if you start redecorating your home and change your surroundings a little, you will see a huge shift in your mood. I have shared some positive home decor ideas during the pandemic with friends and family. And I would love to share them here to help you a little in de-stressing and, at the same time, take your interiors a notch higher. Read on.

Build a Garden

Building a garden is one of the most positive decorating ideas you can take up as a project during the Pandemic COVID-19. Not only will a garden improve the aesthetics of your home, but it will also give you fresh greens that you can bring straight to your table. Kitchen, balcony, and terrace – you can set up a raised-bed garden conveniently with some DIY techniques or even an in-ground garden if the construction allows. You can easily grow basil, cherry tomato, parsley, chili, and other plants in your kitchen if it receives proper sunlight. You can get some house plants that do not even need much caring for the rest of your home; they will dramatically enhance the interiors.

home decor ideas
Photo Courtesy : Wikimedia Commons

Rearrange Your Furniture

One of the easiest and super-effective home decor ideas, rearranging furniture will immediately refresh your interiors. And the added benefit is more space. Just keep a few things in mind when you’re moving the furniture around, for example, there should be a focal point that the furniture is placed around. It will give a structure to your house. Also, set the large furniture pieces first and then place the smaller ones around them while making sure that there is smooth traffic flow.

home decor ideas

Tidy Up

De-cluttering always helps clear the mind. So, get organizing and create some space around you. Start with stowing away things that affect your interiors negatively or things that you do not use. You can also use wall organizers such as ready made floating shelves to bring some order. Things that you’re not going to use for a long time should go in boxes or should be discarded. The entire point is creating space and having only the things around you that spark some joy.

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Set Up a Home Office

The pandemic has become the new normal. So, you might as well create a home office if you haven’t already. This small project of setting up an office will give you a break from the mundane and rejuvenate you. So, start with selecting a space that receives plenty of natural light and is away from distractions. You can then get creative with selecting décor items around such as paintings, pots and planters, your chair, and perhaps a throw rug. You can keep adding elements to accentuate it as you go.

home decor ideas
Photo Courtesy : Freepik’s Choice

Make Family Collages for Every Room

Everything happening currently around the world has made us realize how important our families are. So, decorating the walls using pictures of and with your families is a great home decor idea. A simple Google search and you will see gazillions of ideas for photo decoration for walls. You can also get help from Pinterest. But adding some of your own elements is always a good idea. It will be a project worth your time.

Set Up a Home Gym

I can’t stress it enough that working out every day is not just good for our body but also for our mind. Exercise makes us feel happier and relieves anxiousness. So, if you can’t go to the gym, bring the gym home. Make some space and create a small gym set up. If you have an extra room, you can transform it entirely into your gym zone. If your gym zone has a view, even better!

home decor ideas
Photo Courtesy : Freepik’s Choice

These simple yet effective home decor projects will not only work wonders for your interiors but will also give you a sense of accomplishment and make you feel happier. Try them out. All the best!

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