Today I’m sharing my latest room makeover! While reusing all of her major furniture pieces. I was able to totally transform the look and feel of my daughter’s room with the power of paint! A full source list for this space is included at the end of the post.

Just when I thought that our kitchen remodel would be my last major makeover of 2018, my daughter reminded me that I promised to redo her bedroom this year. She had been asking me to change it up for over a year now and I was kinda thinking/hoping she had forgotten about my “I will definitely get it done this year” statement I made several months back. Her room was actually one of the first that I decorated when we moved into our home five years ago. At the time, my daughter loved bright, bold colors (especially green) so that’s the direction we went in:

Tween bedroom in bold shades of green, blue, and yellow

It was perfect for her at ten years old, but fast forward five years and her taste has totally changed – she still loves color but likes more subtle color tones and has been anxious to get rid of the loud green on her walls. She initially wanted all white walls but since we were reusing her white swing chair and her DIY’ed white headboard, I knew they would kinda die against a white wall so suggested that we make one wall an accent wall. She was game but shot down every color suggestion I threw her way (did I mention that she’s super opinionated when it comes to design? Wonder where she got that from?! ? ).

I had almost given up on finding a color we both liked when the folks at Behr approached me about working together on a makeover project. After taking a look at their 2019 Color Trends palette, I immediately knew that Behr’s Blueprint (their 2019 Color of the Year!) would be the perfect color for this space! I thought my daughter would for sure shoot me down on this color like she had all of the rest, but she loved it as much as I did – yeesssss! Project boho chic bedroom refresh was a go:

Bedroom makeover mood board using Behr's Blueprint, Blue Metal, Cotton Grey, and Sand Dance paint colors

Working with Behr’s Blueprint as our jumping off point, we decided on a color palette of several blue tones (including Behr’s Blue Metal which is a dark blue/gray) balanced with some softer pastels such as Behr’s Cotton Grey and Sand Dance to keep the room colorful without being loud. All four colors are part of Behr’s 2019 Color Trends palette and they blend so beautifully together. 

When the painters came to paint her bedroom walls, my daughter was excited to finally say goodbye to the bright green walls and I was thrilled because someone was doing the painting for me for once! I’ve painted every room in this house myself but I’m the slowest painter ever and I didn’t want my daughter to be kicked out of her room for weeks during the school year so I hired out this time which was a huge treat!

The one-coat coverage of Behr's Marquee paint is amazing! Even over this vibrant green!

Once dry, I knew we had landed on the perfect color for this space – Blueprint is colorful yet still soft and sophisticated without being overpowering. For the other three walls of the room, I wanted a complimentary white and chose White 52 in the Matte finish. It’s a true white that’s not too warm and not too cool. We painted the trim and doors with it too in the Satin finish. 

After the painters were done, I went to town on some painting projects of my own involving her dresser and closet, we finalized the bedding and accessories to bring into the space and put the room together – my daughter and I are both so thrilled with how it turned out!

Love the blue accent wall (Behr Marquee's Blueprint paint color) in this boho chic bedroom!
Save time and money on paint by choosing a one-coat paint like Behr's Marquee in Blueprint

We ended up landing on a colorful mix of pillows including two blush mini polka dot pillows, a patterned blue pillow, and a scalloped lumbar pillow (unfortunately no longer available).

Gorgeous combination of blush and blue pillows and colorful throw in this boho chic bedroom! All sources included in the post!

While the throw is pretty colorful and taste specific, we stuck with basics for the major bedding pieces so that if years down the road my daughter wants to change up her room, we don’t have to buy a new quilt and duvet – the ones we chose will work with anything! We stole this white quilt from our guest bedroom (I now have it in three of our bedrooms and love because it washes like a dream) and chose this white duvet with gray dots). 

My favorite quilt and a neutral duvet are the foundation for the more colorful pillows in this boho chic bedroom!

Like I mentioned, we kept all of the major furniture pieces including her white IKEA dresser that was the perfect size for her room but honestly couldn’t be more boring if it tried:

A great inexpensive large dresser - IKEA's MALM 6-drawer dresser

After making it over with new paint and overlays, it looks like a brand new piece!

A basic IKEA Malm dresser painted and dressed up with overlays to look like a brand new furniture piece!

The steps that I took to transform her dresser are pretty simple:

(1) I gave the whole piece a light sanding followed by using a liquid sander/deglosser – either sanding or the liquid sander alone would probably be sufficient but I used both to make sure the primer would stick since it’s such a shiny surface.

(2) I took out the drawers and primed the body of the dresser and the drawer fronts, using a small roller for smooth surfaces – I’ve found a 1/4″ nap roller works best

(3) I then painted the dresser the same way that I primed it. The trick to not getting any roller marks is to work quickly enough that none of the paint dries as you’re rolling it (since these small rollers apply thin coats, they dry quickly!). I used Behr’s Blue Metal for my paint color which is a gorgeous deep blue-gray. As you can see, one coat covered beautifully over the primer but I always do 2-3 thin coats (allowing the paint to dry well in between) when painting furniture pieces for maximum durability.

Tips for painting an IKEA Malm dresser

To paint the drawers, I laid them on an old folding table with the front ends facing out (as you can see, my furry project supervisor kept a close eye on me to make sure I stayed on task!):

Tips for painting IKEA dressers!

(4) As a last step, if the piece is going in a space where it will be getting a lot of use, it’s a good idea to add a protective coating like a water-based polyurethane to at least the top of it. Once done, let your painted furniture piece dry at least a week before using it so the paint is fully cured. Usually once I’m done painting, that’s the end of my furniture project but for this dresser I took it a step further and added these overlays to the front of each drawer. They come in various sizes to fit the most common IKEA dressers and are added to the dresser with an adhesive (I used Liquid Nails). Super easy and makes such a difference!

Ikea Malm dresser with paint and overlays - all the details on how she did it are in the post!

Above the dresser we added two large framed prints that are actually enlargements of two of my daughter’s fashion design sketches:

Two large white IKEA frames with child's artwork is the perfect inexpensive bedroom art!

I love framing my girls’ art! Not only is it inexpensive (especially when you use simple, inexpensive frames like {these frames} that I used) but it’s much more special and meaningful than anything you could buy in the store. I simply took two of my daughter’s sketches to the local copy shop and had them enlarged to the perfect size to fill the frames:

Enlarge children's art and frame it for inexpensive, meaningful wall art!

Along with the art prints, we added several plants to her dresser which bring so much beauty and life to the room! Unlike me (a total black thumb), my daughter is really good with plants and loves having them so this was a no-brainer:

Gorgeous textured white planters and vases!

We also added some texture to the room with {this rattan nightstand}:

Gorgeous rattan table that can be used as an end table or nightstand!

and by wrapping a length of rope around the chain holding my daughter’s swing chair – so easy to do and it looks so much cuter!

Loving this hanging swing chair! So perfect for a kids room!!

We even tackled my daughter’s closet! We were lucky to inherit nice closet organization systems in both of my girls’ closets that add great storage and functionality but they didn’t look so pretty – they were that ratty beige color from the ’80s:

Closet before being made over

Just like with my daughter’s dresser, I used paint to give her closet a newly refreshed look! I took the same exact steps including prep, priming, and painting with Behr’s White 52 in Satin. I painted everything in place except for the shelves which I removed and painted on my folding table. After painting one side of the shelves, I let them dry for a day and then flipped them over resting on, so I could paint the other side:

These painter's tripods are the best for painting both sides of shelves!

With a fresh coat of paint, this is what my daughter’s closet looks like today:

Closet system painted with with blue painted boxes for storage - so cute!

So much better! I also added a second closet rod so she could have two rows of hanging clothes and did something kind of fun with her storage boxes too. She had several of {these} inexpensive boxes that I painted in four shades of blue from the color strip that Behr’s Blueprint is on. No prep or priming on this one! I simply rolled on one coat of paint (which covered amazingly well) and they were good to go!

Painting storage boxes shades of blue with Behr Marquee paint

The  four colors I used from darkest to lightest are Behr’s Undersea, Shipwreck, Blueprint, and Dolphin Blue:

Boxes are painted in different Behr Marquee blues - love these paint colors!

I even brought in the blush and neutral tones we used in the rest of the room by painting cardboard tags with Behr’s Sand Dance (the blush) and Cotton Grey (the neutral) and writing the contents of the boxes on the tag with a chalk pen. I looped ribbon through the top and taped the ribbon to the inside of the box to keep the tag in place. Both cute and functional!

Phew. That was a lot of work to get done in just a couple of weeks but so so worth it to see my little one so happy with her new space! 

Colorful boho chic teen bedroom! All paint colors and sources included in the post!

I hope you all enjoyed the tour of her newly refreshed bedroom and are inspired to kick off a painting project of your own!