Mountain homes possess a certain special something, and based on their geographic location alone, they command admiration and love. Creating a mountain home design that lives up to your breathtaking mountain views can be an intimidating endeavor at first. Luckily, we’re here to provide you with some magnificent mountain home design tips to get started.

Ideas for Decorating Your Mountain Home

With so many home décor elements to consider when decorating your mountain home, it can be tough to know where to start. In general, opting for design strategies that increase your home’s biophilic design will help to enhance its connection to nature. What is biophilic design you ask?

Biophilic design is a home décor concept that revolves around human beings’ intrinsic biological need to connect with nature. It aims to increase exposure to direct natural elements such as air, plant life, water and natural lighting as well as increase indirect cues of nature. Indirect cues can include natural colors, images of nature, etc. Here are some great tips to get you started.

1. Frame That Mountain View

If you live in a beautiful geographic location with lush mountain views, you might consider finding an art piece portraying your local area. Finding the right pictures or art pieces to hang can be one of the most complex aspects of home design, as there are essentially infinite images to choose from. A tasteful depiction of the beauty that surrounds your home can be a charming way of appreciating the surrounding blessings. It’s minimalist, aesthetically pleasing and harmonious with your environment.

mountain home decor
mountain homes

2. Integrate Natural Elements

Natural components are often beneficial to the aesthetics of homes surrounded by nature. Stone fireplaces or countertops, marble worktops, exposed wood beams, or tree-trunk tabletops can help to link the house to its surroundings. It may also satisfy the texture and shape design components. To keep the country house concept going, use a salvaged wood dining room table or beams. They give an overall substantial and cozy feel to the room they occupy.
mountain home decorating ideas

3. Increasing Comfort in Your Mountain Home

When diving into the depths of home design, it can be easy to get carried away with how things look. It’s important to remember, home décor isn’t all about aesthetics — comfort is important too. Every mountain home should have a comfort level to match its beauty. You may wish to increase the number of cushions around your house to ensure that whatever room you’re in, there’s something soft and fluffy to sit on.
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4. Make Use of the Natural Light

Mountain homes often have superb natural lighting in some rooms. In rooms with large windows and great light exposure, you may wish to contribute to the incandescence by using light wallpaper, furniture covers and avoiding dark tones.

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5. Increasing Natural Sentiment

Mountain homes often have an intrinsic natural feel about them. Dark woods, plants, natural images, and the use of dark forest greens can greatly amplify the feeling of being in nature. Indoor plants are a great way to increase your direct exposure to natural elements, while choosing natural colors can contribute to that natural sentiment.

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6. Dining Light and Dark

A dark mahogany kitchen table surrounded by an installation of brambles contributes to a rustic yet sophisticated feel that accentuates the character of your mountain home. A dining set with a bench is a great space-saving feature that can be advantageous when having guests over. Roll out a nice beige rug to protect the hardwood floors while adding a feeling of lightness to your mountain home dining room.
mountain home dining idea

7. Choosing a Dining Set

Dining is one of life’s most worthwhile indulgences. That’s why choosing the right dining set to achieve that characteristic décor you want to achieve is important for your mountain home. Don’t forget to blend those natural patterns into your dining area. You can do so in an unobtrusive minimalist way with small plants and pattern paintings.