This mother’s day, make your place more efficient with the following design hacks ideal for busy mothers.

Moms have a tough time managing homes. And it gets extra hard when you have small kids who run around the house. Keeping them away from rough edges of your furniture is a task in itself. And not to forget mothers have a constant job of maintaining upholstery that is easily damaged when kids choose to jump, paint or just scribble on seating. Living with kids also means you need to make more room for storage so that everything is stored safely.

With all this in mind your home’s interiors need to be more functional to make life easier for busy mothers. After all, bulky designs and good-looking furniture with no function doubles the trouble for moms. So, this mother’s day, we thought of compiling a list of interior design hacks for all you busy moms so you can live in a home with more manageable interiors. These are our designer-approved interior tips centred on needs and requirement of moms especially those that are working or new moms. Such women who spend their day shuffling office work, household chores, and baby troubles need a home that makes life easy and comfortable.

6 Interior Design Hacks For Busy Moms

A Living Room With A TV Unit With Hidden Storage For For Better Organisation

The living room is the most active area in any home. It is the place where your guests gather and family and friends hang out. Therefore, this part of the house needs to look neat and organised. The first step to kid proofing your living area and making things more convenient for you is to invest in modular furniture that is easy to maintain as well.

TV units cover the most space in living rooms, hence, investing in a functional TV unit is imperative. designers suggest using modular and multipurpose TV units with floating shelves and a lift-up folding shutter with hidden storage behind. The lift-up shutter storage cabinets will help stack things that need to be away from your kid’s reach but are easily accessible to you. These types of shutter cabinets are easy to use and take up less space. These hidden storage units let you compartmentalise your belongings and keep them concealed. You can also go for TV units with floating shelves that are placed high up on the wall to display knick-knacks, away from the reach of your kids.

Other interior design hacks busy moms can incorporate include keeping minimum furniture in the living area and upholstery that is easy to maintain. If you have a kid who loves scribbling on anything they get, choosing delicate fabric may not be that good idea. In fact, going for plain and simple wooden sofa sets and avoiding glass top centre tables can be two ideal steps for moms.

Living room interior design hacks for a busy mom with TV units with floating shelves and storage.
Mother's day home interior hacks, Living room design with multipurpose TV units with floating shelves and hidden storage.

Tip: While choosing your sofa or other furniture pieces for your living room, don’t forget to select factory finished furniture that comes with smooth edges so your kid doesn’t get hurt while running around the sofa.

DIY Interior Design Hacks For Busy Moms

  • Choose easy to clean or washable wall paints so you don’t have to keep attending to your kid while they choose to colour the walls
  • Go for stain repellent furniture fabric for sofas
  • Keep your vintage artefacts or other breakables on the upper shelves
  • Use lockable TV units or place the TV at a considerable height
  • Select floor rugs that are easy to wash and avoid those that are soft or can get easily stained
  • You can go for distressed leather as a sofa materials it is more durable

A Dining Room With A Folding Dining Table To Make More Space When Not In Use

Your dining room or area is usually filled with a lot of furniture and storage solutions. Here is where you also use/display expensive crockery and therefore, if you are a busy mom who needs to have the safest dining room you must choose one that is easy to maintain. But at Wallcorners, we root for functional and space-saving furniture designs. So, we’d suggest you invest in a folding wooden dining table that will help you make more space in this room. Such dining tables are multifunctional in nature and can be folded back in when not in use and folded out and extended to make space on the table for occasional guests. It also has hidden storage behind so you can stack crockery and have it at easy access for those rushed mornings and unexpected guests.

For homes with little kids, wooden tables are ideal as they are durable unlike glass top tables. Try to select round or oval dining table designs to avoid the rectangular corners that may not be kid-friendly.

Most dining rooms also have crockery units or wine racks. And the best way to have kid-friendly furniture is to go for floating crockery units and wall mounted wine racks installed at a reasonable height away from the reach of your kids.

The kitchen cum dining area with wall mounted foldable dining table is the best home interior gift for mom for mother's day.

DIY Interior Design Hacks For Moms

  • Choose dining tables that are heavy and not easily tilted
  • Go for heavy dining chairs that are difficult for kids to play with
  • Cover dining tables with transparent table covers that will protect your furniture from spillage and stains
  • Avoid using glass utensils until your kid grows up to an understandable age
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Bedroom Wardrobe With A Concealed Dressing Unit To Store Makeup Essentials

Almost every bedroom comes with wardrobes. But for busy moms getting the right kind of bedroom wardrobe is a crucial interior design decision. According to Design Cafe’s interior experts, instead of regular wardrobes, go for wardrobes with concealed dressing units so that your kid won’t get to access the makeup essentials and your everyday accessories. The dressing unit, as shown in the picture, remains hidden when not in use. It has a variety of storage drawers and pull-out units to help you keep everything assorted neatly. You can use the dressing unit whenever needed and keep it under the cabinet locked when not in use. You can go for tall, wall-length wardrobes with loft storage that will help you with space-saving and organisation.

While choosing wardrobes with attached dressing units, make sure that the dressing section doesn’t have easily accessible shelves. If so, your kids will make a mess. Wardrobes with His and Her separate organisation can also be a good investment as it will help you keep things neat. You can also choose wooden beds with storage for an organised and clutter-free bedroom, excellent for busy moms.

Mother's day wardrobe design, A clutter-free wardrobe with concealed dressing units in the bedroom lends an aesthetic look.

DIY Bedroom Design Hacks For Moms

  • Keep things minimal in the bedroom so there’s always enough space
  • Use a variety of storage options to keep things organised
  • Use simple wooden beds with easy to maintain headboards
  • Utilise the vertical space of the room with floating shelves or wall-mounted cabinets
A wardrobe with a hidden dressing table in a minimal design is the best interior gift for a busy mom.

Kitchen With Modular Upper Storage Cabinets To Keep Away Utensils From Kids

Now coming to the essential part of a household–the kitchen. It is extra important for your kitchen to be functional especially for busy moms. Therefore, the right way to design your kitchen to be efficient for the house’s mom is to go for modular kitchen designs. Modular kitchens come with factory finish cabinetry that provide maximum storage capacity. Also, modular kitchens can be customised and tailor-made at the mother’s convenience. Go for modern storage solutions like handleless cabinets, corner cabinet solutions, pantry units, appliance garage, and the like to keep everything neat and organised. If you have a small kid running around the house, try to design your kitchen cabinets mostly on the upper side. Go for factory-made, smooth-finish cabinets to avoid kitchen hazards. Go for overhead cabinets to store expensive crockery or other fragile items. A bi-fold shutter is great as it prevents any bumping or hurting, perfect for rushed mornings.

The thumb rule is to utilise all the space in your kitchen and keep things compact and under cabinets. Also, pay importance to the materials and finishes you choose for kitchen countertops, and cabinets. Select finishes that are easy to clean and maintain. A busy mom will have little time to spend in the kitchen. Hence it is essential to make the kitchen space functional and facilitating.

DIY Interior Kitchen Design Hacks For Moms

  • Keep your kitchen countertop clean and organised
  • Follow an easy and accessible kitchen layout for free movement
  • Add labelling on every spice bottle
  • Integrate kitchen island for extra space
  • Use proper kitchen towels
  • Use rolling kitchen carts for ease of movement and accessibility of items
Mother's day kitchen interior hacks, Island kitchen storage unit with an easy and accessible design in minimal style.

Kids’ Room With A Bunk Bed And A Foldable Study Unit To Make Space For Your Little One

Mothers mostly spend their time cleaning and arranging their kid’s room. Thus it is vital to efficiently design the kid’s room so that it is easy to clean and maintain. The first thing you need is a simple layout to arrange the room as conveniently as you can. Next, you need to find the right kind of furniture. A kid’s room usually has a bed, a study table unit and a wardrobe. Go for beds with storage where you can stack up all the toys and less frequently used clothes. You can go for bunk beds with storage (as shown) that take less space and are easy to use for kids. You can also go for Murphy beds or sofa-cum-bed to store things away or make more space for your kid to play around

For kids room wardrobes, choose modular designs with enough storage options because your kid will grow fast, so you need to store their old belongings. Choose easy-to-clean wardrobe finishes so that stains don’t get stuck around. You can also invest in foldable and space-saving study units to make your kid’s room more spacious and airy. Opt for wardrobes with attached study units or study desks with floating shelves where your kid can keep all their schooling essentials.

Simple layout kid's bedroom with murphy bed design is the best interior hacks for a busy mom.

DIY Hacks For A Kids Room

  • Use foldable furniture to keep things under the cabinets
  • Go with lively washable wall colours
Busy mom interior hacks, kids room with bunk bed and minimum furniture is easy-to-clean design.

A Balcony Design With Suitable Furniture And Easy To Maintain Flooring

Maintaining a balcony requires a lot of patience. And it becomes a bit more difficult when you are a busy mom. So here are few tips for a low maintenance balcony.

  • Pick plants according to the space in your balcony, don’t overdo it
  • Use waterproof furniture for balconies like wicker sets, wrought iron benches or even plastic
  • You can opt for folding balcony furniture or a movable swing to save space and keep things more organised
  • Install proper safety railings in your balcony to make it children proof
  • If you are busy with your schedule opt for low maintenance plants like the snake plant, aloe vera, peace lily and the like
  • Choose flooring tiles that are easy to maintain like terracotta or ceramic
  • Ensure there is enough sunlight on the balcony and shelter it from direct rainfall
  • In case there is no space for a full-fledged balcony use planters that can rest or hang on the balcony railing
  • Balconies require maintenance now and then and if you are a busy mom, start with plants that need less maintenance
Balcony with a movable swing, potted plants and wooden flooring is the best interior hack for a busy mom.
Busy mom interior hacks, Balcony design with ceramic tiles, foldable furniture and hanging plants are low maintenance.

A mother’s time is mostly consumed with maintaining her house and this is not easy. And we believe in helping every mom by designing a home’s interiors with the woman’s needs in mind. We hope our design hacks help you make your place more convenient.

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