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Modern Wall Art for Living Rooms: A Summary, If you’re looking for a piece of décor for your living room,

Wall Décor for Living Room: Top Trends
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Modern Wall Art for Your Living Room
The Benefits of Large Wall Art for Living Rooms
The Right Art for Your Living Room
Choosing A Complementary Style
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Searching for the top modern trends for 2022? We’ve got your back! Our art director, Tirzah Goodman has highlighted geometric wall sets as one of the most popular accessories for the upcoming year. These prints take geometric patterns to a whole new level due to their multi-panel layout. You can choose between a single design with split-panels, or a duo or trio of matching designs. Select a print that stretches across your living room wall, mimicking the length of your sofa or main seating area. Experiment with vibrant, warm and cool tones for added variation and visual dimension. If your space is feeling a little too neutral, a geometric print will maintain the modern look while adding a playful touch.

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The Right Art for Your Living Room

The “right” wall art is all about selecting a piece that makes you feel comfortable. Blend current trends with your personal style for a look that’s both universal and individual.

Living Room Décor: Pro Tips

Interior design expert Elimar Lobo Sáenz summarizes 2022 trends in a single statement:

“This year’s aim is to express a message of strength and hopefulness to create a synergy between coziness, functionality and the sense of comfort.”

ElephantStock’s fellow resident designer Yoko Chow explains how wall art can transform your space:

“Instead of [committing to a full-blown renovation,] you can simply look for a piece of wall art in the right size and color palette. If you want to focus on wall art instead of [more complex upgrades,] it may be worth it to install something large and impactful. Just be mindful to pick a color palette to complement the rest of the space.” Easy-peasy!

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Choosing A Complementary Style

When it comes to oversized wall art, a large print will set the tone for your entire space. Be mindful of what you want to convey. If you’re looking to create a contemporary space, consider pairing it with a modern trend.

Living Room Décor: Pro Tips

ElephantStock’s décor pro Elimar Lobo Sáenz lists a few of her favorite trends for 2022:

-The “Livable Luxury” style

-Indoor plants & greenery

-Light fixtures & affordable accessories with character

All of these trends have something in common. 2022 is all about creating safe spaces that are loaded with brightness and positive energy. For a finishing touch, Elimar recommends using natural and sustainable materials, as well as different types of wood and handmade fabrics.

For a foolproof print to pair with your minor modern upgrades, go with a trendy Abstract Figure print. This collection was curated by our art director Tirzah Goodman. The best part? This minimal style ensures you can’t go big enough!

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