Bedroom are our place of comfort where we can happily rest after long stressful days. 

No matter its size or layout, it’s a deeply personal space where we can be our most authentic selves. 

You might have seen houses with white and gold kitchen or bathroom where the gold accents have a beautiful visual impact. 

If this is your preferred aesthetic, you’re in the right place.

We’re going to take a look at gorgeous bedroom pieces that you could use to bring your dream white and gold bedroom to life! 

As you will see, there are so many unique ways you can drape your room in gold. 

You can use it as the central bedroom theme or opt for subtle golden pieces for that extra sparkle. 

Either way, you will surely elevate your most treasured space.

If you need some boost of inspiration, give your bedroom a new, stylish, and elegant look by trying out these 5 white and gold bedroom decor ideas.

1. Sleek and Minimalist Turkay Style Bed

Golden Turkay Bed with a white canopy from Wallcorners Home Decor.

Introduce your bedroom to the 21st century while retaining timeless, classic elements. 

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A gold and white bedroom featuring a Turkay bed with an elegant canopy offers the perfect aesthetic of royalty and privacy. 

This will look great regardless of the bed size you have, big or small.

The canopy is functional as well as decorative—it offers an extra layer of warmth during the frigid season and protection from the sunlight in the summers!

2. Bring Warmth to a Cosmopolitan Themed Bedroom

The Wilpert 1 Light Golden Armed Sconce is the perfect touch for a sophisticated and modern bedroom. See More at Wallcorners Home Decor!

A remarkable deviation from the traditional, the Wilpert 1 Light Golden Armed Sconce provides a touch of warmth in a contemporary bedroom. 

To give the illumination one needs for a late-night read before going to sleep, or just give the bedroom a bit of life to contrast its white interiors, you can never go wrong with a sophisticated lamp design! 

3. Boho-Indie Tapestry for Your Spiritual Awakening

A bedroom with a mix of influences, from the symmetrical patterns of the white and gold tapestry, to the natural, Earthly vibe provided by the plants. 

Inspired by colorful Bohemian-style decor, this white and gold tapestry features an eclectic design with neutral tones of beige and brown to bring a sense of peace to this bedroom. 

Your favorite scented candles can complete the atmosphere of spiritual awakening!

4. DIY Glamorous Black and Gold Decor 

Denise from Dazzling Designs made her bedroom pop with black gold and white bedroom ideas. 

She repurposed a glass vase and spruced it up with decorative golden ribbons painted asymmetric patterns to old tables! 

Who said glamorous and beautiful needed to be expensive? 

5. DIY Custom Made Golden Bed Frame for the Pizazz!

HGTV’s take on a modern black and white bedroom with a white and gold bed that simply elevates the room.

When I saw this beautiful golden bed frame piece, I just knew I needed to have one. 

With a bit of elbow grease, a few steel rods, and some metallic gold paint, I was able to recreate this stunning piece for myself at home. 

Accented with royal blue lounge chairs and dark wooden doors, this golden bed frame gives my bedroom the finesse and class it deserves.