Lighting is really an important subject to feel well at home and the most complicated thing is to find a balance between functionality and aesthetism ! So this is what we are going to talk about today !

1. create a coherent atmosphere !

As always in decoration, before buying a new light, you should try and be sure that this light will be coherent with the rest of your decoration. Will this new light fit your materials ? your furniture ? your colours ? All these elements will be emphasized by the lighting and vice versa.

2. common mistakes : having too much light or on the contrary not enough !

We don’t want our living-room to be like a football playground !! But when it is too dark, you feel more tired and have less energy, so it is not good either ! I know the balance is a tricky thing but even if it needs some adaptation, we can succeed in finding the perfect lighting for you!

3. If you are building your house, work on the electricity before anything else !!


Try to imagine how you are going to live !! Try to think of the plugs you will need : where will you need floor lightings, table lightings ? Where precisely should your pendant lighting be ? Would you enjoy a wall light on this wall ? Asking yourself all these questions should help you not missing an electricity point !

4. Technical aspects

  • Think of the colour of the bulbs ! Ranging from warm-yellow (2500K) to cold-white (4000K). This is written on the packagings so you can check what you are buying.
  • Choose LED as a priority !!
  • Think of the power of your bulb ! You don’t need the same in your bedroom or your kitchen!
  • Don’t forget to add a dimmer on your spots.
  • Be careful of the humidity ! Your lighting can’t be the same in a bathroom than in another room.
  • The best solution ever (but also pretty expensive) is to add automation to create several scenario of lighting.

5. different approaches regarding lighting


Architectural lighting (spots) :

+ very functional/efficient

+ custom-made , adapted to your needs

+ can be hidden in the ceiling

+ very discret and modern

– lack of charm, personality and warmth

Decorative lightings

+ originality

+ can be beautiful

+ large choice for all styles and tastes

– can be more expensive

– less efficient, we are never sure that it will be enough

6. Each space its own kind of lighting

The entrance :

We don’t need a strong lighting, so we can have a pendant light, and one table light if you have enough space.

The circulation spaces (corridors, stairs..) :

There are spaces where you just go through, not stopping so the lighting can be very soft. Wall lighting is perfect ! Presence detectors could be useful there. Use the walls to create lighting games

The kitchen and the bathroom :

These spaces are best with spots because we definitely need efficient lighting there ! But do not hesitate to add a beautiful light in the middle of your kitchen or on top of your island!

The living-room :

This is where you should be the most generous !! One pendant lighting in the middle  and as many secondary lightings as possible ! Add them on coffee tables, in the corners of your space. Think of a floor reading lamp !

The bedrooms :

This is quite easy : one central pendant lighting, one light on each side of the bed and on  a desk ! Maybe be a decorative, fun light for your kid or a reading floor lamp close to your chair !

Outdoor :

Don’t forget to bring light on your circulation way, on the path, on front of your garage. And enlighten your garden and the general vegetation.