Looking for kitchen wall decor ideas? As the heart of most homes, kitchen walls should be just as prominent in our thoughts when it comes to decoration as that of the living room and bedroom walls. Yet our kitchens are often the room we consider least when it comes to wall decorations.

It’s perhaps thanks to the dominance of kitchen cabinets and tiled splashbacks that many are afraid to add decor to kitchen walls – but we say fear not, it’s all about finding the right balance.

What is wall decoration?

Quite simple it’s anything hung from a wall that adds a decorative element. Whether it be a piece of captivating artwork, a metal sculpture-style piece, or even a length of fabric like a wall-mounted rug – anything goes. If you can safely and securely attach it to walls it can welcome a decorative touch.

Wall decoration can help to add colour where necessary, it can add a colour inject for an all-white colour scheme or act as an accent colour in a bolder navy kitchen for instance. Wall decoration can help to add texture too, to break up the blank canvas of a bare wall.

Kitchen wall decor ideas

Let our eclectic suggestions of kitchen wall decor ideas inspire your blank kitchen walls – and help add a touch of personality.

1. Celebrate the written word on walls

Kitchen wall decor ideas grey kitchen with winnie the Pooh quote art work

Image credit: Rachael Smith

The main star of this sophisticated grey kitchen is the paragraph art work. You can never go wrong when quoting Winnie the Pooh and friends, it’s a classic for feel-good and motivational messages. An understated piece of text is a great way to add a touch of personality to the walls in kitchens and dining rooms. It’s a ideal conversational piece.

2. Look to a chalkboard to offer flexibility

Chalkboard wall

Image credit: Tom Meadows

Painting a section of wall with chalkboard paint allows your to create a feature wall, but one that is interchangeable. Use a chalkboard pen to create a menu-inspired artwork one day then fill the space with a motivational quote the next. The natural of a chalkboard allows the freedom to change how your create a feature wall to decorate your kitchen. It’s a simple way to bring character to a pared-back kitchen scheme.

3. Frame your favourite wallpaper

green kithen with dining chairs around Island

If you love a wallpaper design but are not feeling brave enough to use it liberally on walls try framing small sections instead. Framed samples of vintage wallpaper makes for interesting alternative artwork that can tie in colour choices that feature throughout the rest of the kitchen. Plus it’s a cost-effective way of making artwork work harder.

4. Welcome a sign

green kitchen with wine bar sign wall decor

A sign toasting to wine is welcome in any kitchen. Turn your bare kitchen walls into a tribute to a wine bar with the help pf a reclaimed or vintage-style sign. A fabulous idea, as building a home bar becomes one of the most popular DIY job in recent years.

5. Captivate with a large wall clock

Image credit: Philip Raymond

Killing two birds with one stone, so to speak, a large wall clock helps to keep track of time while adding decoration to walls. In an open-plan family home a clock becomes invaluable, because they say time flies when you’re having fun! This functional but attractive solution helps to ensure time doesn’t get away from you.

6. Serve up a large-scale wall mural

Spoon wall decal

Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

Make a statement by going large with your chosen design. A 3D Trompe L’oeil design will go a long way to add humour and a talking point to a family kitchen-diner. Great for a smaller section of wall, a neutral background fills the rest and really lets the images pop – bringing them to life. Stylist tip: Think of your eye line. Position the mural so it sits just above the level of the table, so none of the detail is lost.

7. Inject personality with photos

Image credit: Lizzie Orme

Adding a personal touch such as family photos is also a welcome way to make any room feel comforting. This kitchen wall in bold blue provides the perfect backdrop for displaying a simple string of printed pictures. The people and places that hold fond memories of fun times and travel offer an ideal conversation starter.

To add further decoration and colour the same wall is decorated with colourful cookbooks, retro soup cans upcycled into plant pots, slogan artwork and curios from beach-combing. All together the look offers a montage of memories.

8. Mount plates to display

Image credit: Mark Bolton

Plates mounted to the wall can be cool, as this fine example shows. These artisan woven plates help add a beautiful element of texture to the wall, with texture playing a key role in emerging decor trends. You can buy smart adhesive discs to secure to the back of any decorative plate, allowing you to hang it with a concealed hanging.

9. Stick to a theme

Image credit: Polly Eltes

From the wall decor to the china, create real impact by choosing a theme – such as a coastal one. This popular maritime theme is a popular one for kitchens, given the seafood element that ties in seamlessly in a room where you prepare and serve food.

10. Add accent colour with statement wall art

Image credit: Mark Bolton

A single piece of statement artwork can help to add bold accent colours to the space. If your colour scheme is that of on-trend dark grey or navy you might be looking to lift the colour palette with hits of bright colour. One statement artwork is enough to do that in abundance. As this fine example shows the expressive wall art jumps off the wall to add an element of decorative flair.