Ideas for a Beach-Inspired Bedroom

Even if you live far away from the ocean, the lure of the beach is undeniable. It’s relaxed and carefree and yet a majestically impressive display of nature all at the same time. It’s no wonder that bringing that coastal vibe indoors via beach-inspired decor is a popular choice for primary bedrooms as well as children’s rooms, nurseries, and more.

What Is a Primary Bedroom?

Many real estate associations, including the National Association of Home Builders, have classified the term “master bedroom” as discriminatory. “Primary bedroom” is the name now widely used among the real estate community and better reflects the purpose of the room.

Capture the Right Vibe

Sophisticated beach bedroom
 Gordon James Design

A beachy bedroom doesn’t have to be over-the-top or even have obvious beach motifs. What really counts is capturing the spirit of the coast: a casual feel, breezy colors, worn finishes, and an overall serene vibe, like in this bedroom from Gordon James Design.

Incorporate Some Distressed Wood

Distressed furniture beach bedroom
 Jenny Keenan Interior Design

Wood with a distressed finish, as if it might have spent time in the waves, is a must-have in any beach-inspired bedroom—no overly shiny or perfect finishes here. Don’t worry about selecting a matching set of furniture either, as is proven so beautifully in this room designed by Jenny Keenan

Add in Natural Textures

Blue and white beach bedroom
 Tracery Interiors

The spirit of the sea is an earthy one, so it makes sense that you’ll find plenty of natural elements like wood, bamboo, seagrass, and rattan in a coastal room. Here, Tracery Interiors pairs a weathered wooden bed with rattan shades and a sea-inspired palette to bring the beach vibe into the space.

Play With Pops of Color

Colorful beach bedroom
 Chango & Co.

Many children love the beach, so it’s no wonder the location is a popular theme for a kid’s bedroom. As shown in this playful space designed by Chango & Co., it’s okay to go a little brighter and bolder when decorating a child’s room—they are young and fun, after all!

Sleep Among the Sea Life

Octopus artwork in bedroom
 Tracery Interiors

While fish, seashells, coral, and sea horses are common motifs in an ocean-inspired room, there’s no reason you can’t go deeper, as Tracery Interiors did here. An octopus is a fun and unusual design for an above-bed painting.

Craft a Clever Accent

DIY oyster shell mirror
 Nourish and Nestle

Looking for a DIY beach accessory for your bedroom? Then why not make this chic oyster shell-adorned mirror? It’s not very difficult or expensive (you can even use shells you’ve collected off the beach), though it is a bit time-consuming. You can find the complete directions for this stylish piece at Nourish and Nestle.

Try Red or Coral Accents

Coral printed bedding
 Ideal Home

Touches of coral and red work well as accents in a beach bedroom, as shown here in this room from Ideal Home. The bedding with a coral pattern is perfectly set off by the blue striped sheets.

Go for a Dramatic Hue

Fish wallpaper in bedroom
 Nancy Hill Interiors

While you’ll most often find white or soft-colored walls in a beach bedroom, there’s no reason you can’t go dark if you want to. If you want to wow, why not surround yourself with fish-adorned wallpaper, like in this dramatic bedroom from Nancy Hill Interiors?

Keep It Neutral

teen beach bedroom
 Jennifer Pacca Interiors

A beach bedroom with a surfer vibe is a great choice for a teen or preteen. Here, Jennifer Pacca Interiors shows off a surfboard and shark-adorned bedroom that just about any teen would love.

Add Charming Motifs

Kids beach bedroom
 Caroline Burke Designs

Sealife is a common motif in a beach-inspired bedroom and one that can range from subtle (just a few shells or a wave-patterned throw pillow) to in-your-face, as is the case in this cheeky bedroom by Caroline Burke Designs. Fish wallpaper is a totally unexpected—yet wonderfully whimsical—way to add a huge dose of interest and pattern to a small space.

Hang a Gallery Wall

Gallery wall in beach bedroom

If you’d like to add a powerful dose of beachy personality to a bedroom, design a gallery wall dedicated to ocean life. Here, the artwork sticks to a starfish theme, but you could frame images of your favorite sea creature or a medley of sea life.

Craft a Coastal Dresser

Dresser with seashell pulls

To add a bit of beach to your space on a budget, consider giving a small nightstand or dresser a coastal makeover. Use furniture you already own or pick up an item secondhand, then add a coat of seafoam blue or another beachy color, seashells, and rope in place of drawer pulls and knobs. Easy and adorable!