I would like to give you some tips where you could find inspiration if you need to. Very often we don’t know how to be inspired, how to get new ideas, new inspirations to change our decoration.

To start with, I would like to think about the reasons why we lack inspiration.

There are very common reasons, probably true for everybody. We often feel we lack inspiration because we don’t really have time to find new ideas. We don’t know where to look for them. And we are afraid to make mistakes. Very often we don’t trust ourselves and we don’t really know where to get these new ideas. So, here it is more a lack of confidence than inspiration. This is probably the main reason why we ask for more ideas and more inspirations.

Other reasons linked with Iceland itself, is that Iceland is a small country and there are not so many shops where you could get new ideas and new inspirations.

Another reason, which I personally view for lacking inspiration in Iceland is that most people are in the black and white style. I am always very surprised to see that many, many home decorations look exactly the same. So of course this doesn’t help you to get new ideas, if you only see similar design, similar decorations. As everybody tends to do the same, it is more difficult to imagine that something else could be possible and still enjoyable and beautiful.

Tip 1 : magazines and TV programs about decoration.

In Iceland we have Hús og Híbyli to introduce new products and inspiring homes. But they only show the Icelandic homes and the Icelandic style. So if you want to get further inspiration, thanks to magazines. I could advise you to read foreign magazines, from different countries. Of course I know much better the VietNam magazines, like «Wallcorners».

In this kind of magazines, you will definitely find more surprising and unexpecting ideas. Magazines from different countries will help you discover different approaches to decoration and this will enrich your inspiration.

Tip 2 : Pinterest

Pinterest is a really wonderful tool if you want to find new inspiration. You can start with writing key words and you get photos that will inspire you. It is a starting point to select ideas. You can try to bring all these photos together and create  mood boards of what you like.

You have to keep in mind that designing your home decoration is not about creating anything. Thinking about your decorative new ideas is just bringing together different elements, which already exists.

So keep picking all these photos from Pinterest will help you to get new ideas.

Tip 3 : Instagram.

You can follow accounts about decoration design brands and interior designers. This will help you to get inspiration and new ideas. This will open your universe and helps you to be more creative.

Tip 4 : traveling & nature


When we are traveling (especially in foreign countries, with different cultures, religions etc.), we visit hotels, guest houses, restaurants, public places, museums etc. and there are always ideas to pick up and to bring back home ! It is no question to do copy-paste but it is quite easy to be inspired by colours for example.

Nature is also a great source of inspiration. In nature, colours naturally match well and it is not rare that nature makes very successful colors associations : so why not being inspired by this perfection ?! So if you feel sensitive to something in nature, it means that it could inspire you to bring it at home, for a better wellbeing.

Tip 5 : asking for some help

And when we can’t do it alone, we should not be afraid to ask for some help ! The most important is always to take action for change when we need it, when we don’t like a situation anymore.

So if we don’t feel good at home, but don’t how to deal with it, ask for some help ! If you’re fed up with your white walls, if you can’t bare your furniture anymore, because it’s old or damaged it is time for change. So maybe you know how to proceed yourself.

But if not, ask for some help. You may find some help with so many people. You may need an architect to completely change your general layout of your home. Maybe you will need a carpenter to design your wardrobes. You may need a gardener for your outdoors because you realize that your garden is a mess ! You may need a plumber, an electrician, a painter to help you to take action.