Decorating a living room is sometimes complicated, because the vast majority of people do not know how to decorate a small living room in a country style.

If you are looking for excellent tips and ideas for decorating a small country style living room, here you can find the best tips and ideas you need for your small living room.

How to Decorate a Small Living Room In Country Style:

1. How to decorate a small country living room on a budget

If your budget is limited, don’t worry! There are many ways you can decorate your living room on a limited budget.

Mainly, if you want to decorate your small living room, you should buy only the necessary furniture. You can simply change the design of your living room, without having to buy new furniture and accessories.

The wall is also very important, but you can decorate your living room wall with a beautiful wall hanging. This way you can save money.

In addition, you can also create a gallery wall. Of course, you can choose the design that you like best. This is an excellent tip, and also an economical way to decorate the wall. You can also create a collage of different mirrors.

You can also upholster your sofa, instead of buying a new sofa. Remember that sofas are usually very expensive, so upholstering a sofa is the best option.

2. What is the best furniture layout in a small living room

We all know that correctly distributing all the furniture in a small living room is too important.

The best way you can arrange furniture in your small living room is by placing the small furniture against the wall. If you can place the sofa in the center of the living room. This way you can make the most of the space your small living room offers.

3. How to decorate a small living room to make it look bigger

If you want your living room to feel much bigger, it is important that you place some mirrors. Mirrors will make any space look much bigger.

Lighting is essential, especially natural lighting, so it’s important that you clean all the windows in your small living room, and don’t use dark curtains.

It is preferable that the color of the wall of your small living room is a light tone, white is the ideal color.

small country colourful living room with fireplace decorating idea

4. How to decorate a small country living room with a fireplace

If you want your small living room to have a country style fireplace, you should consider the design and shape of the fireplace.

It is recommended that the fireplace have a “rustic” style, you should completely forget about modern fireplaces, and focus on a country-style fireplace. Near the fireplace you can place a comfy armchair.

country style living room with high ceilings

5. How to decorate a small living room with high ceilings

High ceilings are an ideal feature for living rooms, especially if the living room is small.

If your living room ceiling is high, you should take full advantage of that feature, you should place the curtains, and the mirrors as high as possible, this will help your living room look much bigger.

The artwork should also be placed on the wall as high as possible, and it is strongly recommended that you place a hanging lamp on the ceiling.

small living room with a sectional sofa

Image: Town & Country Living

6. How to decorate a small living room with a sectional sofa

You can also use a sectional for your small living room, but this type of furniture should be placed against the wall, because it is a longer type of sofa, and needs more space. So, remember if it is a traditional type of sofa it is recommended that you place it in the center of your small living room, but if it is a sectional, you should place it against the wall.

7. Small country style living room furniture

It is very important that you buy “rustic” style furniture for your small living room, remember the color of the furniture depends on the color of the wall in your living room. If your living room wall is dark, you should buy light-coloured or white furniture.

A small sofa is best for a small living room, and remember to buy a wooden coffee table.

8. Small country home decorating ideas

Exposed walls, a “worn out” carpet, totally comfortable seats and “rustic” style is the most recommended.

Lighting is an important feature, you must keep in mind that for a country house is better natural lighting than LED lighting, so do not place curtains to any window.

You can also decorate with beautiful plants that match the interior of your country house.

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