Large wall decor living room – The right living room wall art ideas will bring personality to your space and complete your room. And while art should be bought for its own sake and because you like it, you’ll likely want it to sit well with your living room wall decor (opens in new tab) too.

Living rooms are the warm heart of a home, a place to create a relaxing space in which to wind down and the art you hang sets the tone and feel of the space,’ says Helen Armon-Jones, founder, The Art Buyer (opens in new tab) 

So whether you have a much loved piece to hang, or an empty space to fill, there are a multitude of ways to display favourite prints, posters and paintings.

Living room wall art ideas

Wall art can span a medium of materials – from framed photographs to large canvases. Beyond different styles of wall art, how you style your living room wall art ideas can either make the subject of a piece shine through or diminish it, so it is important to give both aspects careful consideration. 

1. Go for a grid format

Symmetry is always pleasing to the eye and looks smart when displaying artworks, especially when they are similarly themed like these beautiful botanical prints.

‘For an elegant architectural look that adds height to a space, try hanging a collection of smaller works with a unifying frame in a grid format,’ says Helen at The Art Buyer. ‘Allow uniform spacing and plan this out using measuring tools and tape for a clean symmetrical finish.’

Going for a grid format is a simple and effective way to add structure and organization to your wall decor. This technique involves arranging artwork or photographs in a grid pattern, with equal spacing between each piece. This creates a cohesive and balanced look that can be easily customized to fit your style and preferences.

2. Hang different sized pieces

Hanging different sized pieces is a creative way to add visual interest and depth to your wall decor. Mixing and matching different sized artwork or photographs can create a dynamic and eclectic look that reflects your personal style. When hanging different sized pieces, it’s important to consider the overall balance and composition of your display. Start by selecting a focal point or anchor piece, such as a large painting or photograph, and then arrange smaller pieces around it.For a more casual and relaxed look, mix different sized prints and paintings. Mixing portraiture, typography and other styles adds an eclectic feel. However, to make it work do keep some consistency. 

Here the black and white monochrome tones in the prints and frames are repeated in the accessories, such as cushions and living room lighting ideas.  

3. Prop a print on a sideboard

Art doesn’t have to make a grand statement, or even be hung in a prominent place. A simple print or sketch casually propped on a sideboard, chest, or even the floor, can enhance the mood of a room. 

‘Sideboards can be brought to life with art,’ says Erica at Murus. ‘When leaning a print or artwork it’s great to experiment and place your loved piece in an unexpected spot to showcase it in a unique way, this can really make the art feel part of its surroundings.’

Gallery walls are a popular way to display a collection of art, photos, posters and other pieces.  It is just one of the great ways to decorate the wall behind sofa & couches as it does here.

‘If you’re looking to hang works in different sizes and frames, it’s best to group them together,’ says Helen at The Art Buyer. ‘Plan your gallery wall by laying everything out on the floor. Once you’ve found a grouping that works well together, measure your wall and use decorators tape to plot your arrangement out on the wall before you start making holes. 

‘This will also allow you to make any tweaks necessary and ensure you create a grouping that is balanced and works well. If an eclectic and vibrant feel is what you’re after, then mix mediums and opt for unmatched frames. For a more calming and contemporary take, then use the same frame throughout and pay particular attention to the spacing.’

‘Start with a large art print as the focal point and add the smaller prints around to create a structured gallery wall,’ suggests Annica Wallin at Desenio. ‘Usually, we would recommend spacing the prints 5-10 cm (2-4 inches) apart.’

5. Mix patterned wallpaper and prints

Art buffs often favour white walls, as they let the works stand out, much like they would in a gallery. However, if living room wallpaper ideas are more your thing, this can still act as a beautiful backdrop for your prints, posters or paintings.

‘When choosing artwork to hang against patterned wallpaper, there are two main considerations. The colour scheme and ‘busyness’ (or repeat) of the pattern and the framing,’ says Helen at The Art Buyer. 

‘If choosing a print to sit against a ‘busy’ pattern, seek out calming tones and simple lines or a piece with a clear focal point. Then give the artwork some ‘breathing room’ by opting for a wide mount and a very sleek and simple frame.’