A living room with a blank wall means tons of opportunities! Finally fill that wall (or a few) with wall art, wall hangings, and other decor to tie your look together. We’ve gathered up some inspiring looks and ideas featuring wall art for living rooms big to small. See some of our favorite wall decor ideas and learn how to choose the perfect pieces for your living room.

Hanging Wall Art

Hanging wall art for your blank walls, whether it’s a smaller or oversized piece, never goes out of style. The type you get is completely up to you, but we love a great abstract piece for a striking visual element. The bigger the wall art, the more impact a statement. You can’t go wrong with a large piece above your sofa. This classic look can be suited to fit any style and space. Large artwork looks great hanging above a sofa or console table as well. Just be sure to get wall art decor that is the same size or smaller than your sofa, console table, or other furniture you hang it over.

Leaning Wall Art

Famous Claude Monet Wall Art Canvas Painting with Frame Water Lilies Seaside Pastoral Landscape Vintage Poster Decor Picture

If you want to try something a little different, another option with large (or small) artwork is leaning the canvas against a wall. A leaning piece of art is effortless and cool, especially when placed asymmetrically behind this sofa. Wall art can lean on the floor or atop a shelf, layered with other pieces for extra depth and dimension. The leaning option is great for a living room that won’t feel too empty or wall space too bare.

Gallery Wall Art

Boho Minimalist Beach Monstera Leaf Sun Rainbow Wall Art Canvas Painting Posters And Prints Wall Pictures For Living Room Decor

A gallery wall art consists of multiple art pieces in a cluster hanging on the wall. They can vary in size and theme, but what’s great about gallery walls is their ability to show off your personal, storied style. Gallery walls or groupings of art add a layered, well-traveled look to your living space. You can achieve this look with art sets or build your own look with different, single pieces you love to tell a cohesive story. Click here to see how to create a gallery wall art.

Mirrors as Wall Decor

Macrame Mirror Eye Decorative Mirrors Wooden Home Wall Decor Boho Evil Eye Makeup Mirror Bedroom Living Room Tassel Decoration

Sure, mirrors are functional and serve many purposes. They provide that crucial last-minute check before we’re out the door, and they make small spaces appear larger. But wall mirrors can also double as works of art. The same rules apply to mirrors as they do with large-scale artwork: If you’re hanging one over your sofa, make sure it’s not longer than the sofa. When you decorate your living room, consider the places a mirror can hang — it could go above an accent chair, on a wall adjacent to hanging wall art, or above the fireplace. No matter what, it’ll catch light and expand the size of your living room. Try a sculptural mirror instead of more traditional wall decor or mixed in with a gallery wall art.