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If you are going for a neutral color scheme, wall art trends dictate that you should balance and contrast a paired backspace with a jolt of color, as seen in this design from Maed Quin, where a Damien Hurst piece brings a white room to life.

‘Colorful art is the perfect complement to restrained interiors,’ says Mead Quin. ‘When keeping the interior palette neutral and timeless, one can enjoy expression through their selection of and investment in art. Whether a renowned artist, or someone who is emerging, the blank canvas walls leave it open to all possibilities of personal meaning and expression through art.’


A colorful NYC apartment with wall art of all shapes and sizes

More and more, wall art trends are all about establishing your own art collection, and not conforming to big name pieces that you might have seen in galleries. Instead, think about what speaks to you, don’t shy away from picking more affordable art from charity shops and trinket or antique stores – if it’s something you like, don’t worry that it won’t match your interiors and display it confidently. It’s about telling your story, where you’ve been, why you own a specific piece, and confidently telling the world that this is your style.

This is the colorful NYC apartment of Kati Curtis of Kati Curtis Design, who advocates this approach when it comes to art.

‘I don’t necessarily have the budget our clients do for collecting art, so all these pieces are ones I’ve collected over the years, and that have meaning to me,’ she explains.

‘Some are from artists whose studios I’ve visited, and others are pieces I’ve picked up through art dealer friends and antique stores. I chose my own art for diversity and what speaks to me aesthetically, not necessarily what’s going to match my décor, as that changes over time, and I tend to move art around from room to room.’


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Tastefully hanging ceramics, plates and bowls is precarious business but is a popular look, bringing a touch of a rustic farmhouse aesthetic without going too twee, and giving texture, seen in the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow’s Montecito home, where blue and white ceramic plates lined the walls in perfect unison. It’s an achievable look in your home too. You may already have a few plates with pretty designs that are wasted on shelves, unseen and forgotten about, so give them a new lease of life on the walls.

‘The plates on wall trend is all about bringing back memories of traditional decoration, but keeping it modern,’ says Pablo López Navarro of Casa Josephine

‘They transmit a feeling of casualness, of relaxation and of local crafts. The look is relaxed, light and effortless -which is what we like to see now in our homes.’

‘We picked those plates because they are local (Mediterranean) and colorful. We love handmade ceramics.’