Build your own mini home office with these space-saving desk ideas

A space-saving office desk can prove to be a lifesaver for working professionals living in compact homes. When you begin your search for the perfect space-saving computer desk, you will find many varieties and designs, but which one is the best for you? Here’s a handy guide of points to consider before you buy a space-saving office desk to ensure it puts your limited space to the best use.

Build A Mini Home Office With A Space-Saving Computer Desk

A year of work from home has proven particularly tough for those who live in compact urban apartments or share their living space with many people. Makeshift desks and working from bed were good quick fixes for the one-off work-from-home days. But in the new hybrid work model, when most working professionals are operating out of their homes more than the office and work from home looks like a continuing reality, many are investing in building a home office.

With work from home extended, it’s well-known by now that a separate workspace in the house can do wonders for productivity. A home office may sound like a luxury to those without an extra room or floor area to spare, but tiny apartment dwellers can have a mini home office too. You may not have walls to separate your workspace from the rest of the home, but you can build a mini home office for yourself with some intelligent planning and these space-saving desk ideas.

Corner space-saving computer desk in yellow and grey with shelves lends a mini-home office look in the bedroom.
Turn existing shelves into a space-saving corner desk for a mini home office

Identify The Nook For Your New Space-Saving Computer Desk

There’s more to setting up a workspace in your apartment than simply buying a good space-saving office desk and comfortable chair. Before you look at any space-saving office desk, the first step is to identify where in your house it will go. The area you have available should guide your space-saving computer desk buying decision instead of the other way around.

Find a spot that enjoys natural light for most of the day. If that’s not available, go for the next best brightly lit option. It will be better for your work area to be as disconnected from distractions and away from the bed as possible. If the only available space is in the bedroom, make sure the spot you identify for your space-saving office desk has you turned away from the bed.

You can have your space-saving home office desk facing the window but if you’re the kind to get easily distracted, you can install a wall-mounted space-saving desk against an empty wall and fix a corkboard to pin up notes and reminders.

A wall-mounted space-saving home office desk against a white wall with minimal design in the bedroom looks aesthetic.
For your space-saving office desk, find a spot that enjoys plenty of natural light

Creating Room For Your Space-Saving Computer Desk

When you have no room readily available in your apartment to turn into a mini home office, you can repurpose existing space and convert it into your work area. This is the time to identify the most unused or ignored space in your home and tap into its potential.

Hallways and corridors are a good starting point. A foldable space-saving desk will come to the rescue for areas like these. This is one of the best space-saving desk ideas as you can simply fold your work desk away when it’s not in use, returning the space back to its original state. You can also replace the nightstand next to your bed with a space-saving home office desk.

If your wardrobe is mostly empty, arrange your clothes in a way to create space in it. An empty wardrobe shelf at chest height can turn into a cool space-saving standing desk. The rest of the shelves and existing drawers give you an ideal space-saving desk with storage. When you’re done with the workday, simply close the wardrobe door and your mini home office is out of sight during personal hours.

Corners are another commonly ignored and unused space in homes that can turn into functional work areas with a good space-saving corner desk.

Bedroom with compact space-saving corner desk in minimal design lends home office look.
Replace one nightstand by your bedside with a minimal desk for a cosy work corner

Choosing Your Space-Saving Computer Desk

Once you’ve identified the spot, it becomes much easier to decide the kind of space-saving computer desk you should buy. You will find many options to further inspire your space-saving desk ideas. Based on the area you have chosen for your mini home office, you can choose from a foldable space-saving desk to a wall-mounted space-saving desk, a space-saving corner desk to a space-saving desk with storage and even a space-saving standing desk. You will also find many space-saving bed desk combo varieties.

A wall-mounted space saving computer desk with an extended floating shelf double-up as a TV unit is the best desk design.
This wall-mounted extended floating shelf doubles up as a TV unit and work desk

When you’re strapped for space, light shades are your best friends. Dark colours make compact rooms look crowded while lighter colours have an expanding effect on small areas. Go for a space-saving computer desk that’s in a lighter colour or wooden finish. Getting a transparent desk is one of the trending space saving desk ideas for the barely-there look.

Also, make sure your space-saving home office desk is not too bulky. Minimal in every way is key when dealing with limited space. A wall-mounted space-saving desk doesn’t occupy any floor area. When not in use, do away with the chair and the desk can be put to other use.

Minimal design space saving desk with storage in wooden finish and classic chair lends a chic look to the area.
If you can create the space for an expansive study, go for it!

Building a mini home office is all about finding the best way to optimise the space you have available. When floor area is used up, think walls and maximise vertically. Use the wall above your desk for floating shelves and cabinets to function as storage and give all your office material and supplies a permanent home. These space-saving desk ideas will help you make the correct choice when you buy your space-saving home office desk.

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