Rectangular, round, oval or square – which dining table shape fits YOUR needs? Which shape (and size!) is right for your room decor and space, and what are the pros & cons of each style? Here’s your guide to picking the dining table shape!

Rectangular Dining Table Design

It is safe to say that a rectangular dining table is the most popular of the lot. More seats, more space for dishes, and a lovely addition to your dining room — you get more than you could bargain for.

The Right Measurement

Now that plenty of homes have an open living cum dining room, a sleek rectangular table can fit in perfectly without overbearing the aesthetics. However, if you don’t want a cramped mess, fidgeting with dishes and plates, pick one within a width of 28 to 42 inches.

Type of Room & Placement

If you have a rectangular dining room, then this dining table design can be placed parallel to the longer wall for a dramatic flair. Place it by the window to make it even more appealing with a bright and airy feel. Place it in a corner that doesn’t receive too much traffic (of people!) for disturbance-free meals.

Oval Dining Table Design

An oval dining table is as good as a rectangular one, except that it appears visually light. The curved edges take credit for this and make it a perfect option where kids are on the go. You won’t have to worry about children bumping into the edges with this one!

The Right Measurement

The narrower or smaller your room, the smaller the width you can opt for. The best size is 30 inches x 2, 4, 6 or 8 feet (depending on whether it’s a 2, 4, 6 or 8 seater!)

Type of Room & Placement

Oval dining tables are also more sophisticated and add an old world charm to your home. Since they soften the appearance of the room, it goes well in a room with low natural light.

Round Dining Table Design

Intimate conversations with a snug feeling and closeness are the upside of the round dining table. We can definitely mark this shape as a family-friendly dining table.

However, no add-on seats can be managed without the ambience getting packed. Even to place a plate or an additional dish can become a cumbersome task as there are no corners to spare.

The Right Measurement

Round dining tables are perfect while they are small. Anything bigger than 60 inches in diameter can make people and food seem distant. You’ll end up struggling to pass the dishes or serve yourself without getting up. Of course, having a lazy susan can make serving easy but that’s your call to take!

Type of Room & Placement

A saviour when it comes to compact spaces, it’s great for both – small and square rooms – and for awkward corners!

Square Dining Table Design

A perfect dining table design made for people who like their space. You don’t have to spare your section because a square dining table design offers ample counter space and brings that cafe-like ambience at home. However, we’d like to say that this again is best compact as it occupies a large space.

The Right Measurement

There isn’t really an ideal size for this. Just keep in mind that you’d like to keep about 24 inches per place setting for every person who will be seated at the square table.

Type of Room & Placement

Unless you have a square room, this dining table design might definitely seem out of place. A small square table, though, does fit into pretty much any corner!

While it’s exciting to pick a new dining table design, do make sure the size fits. Otherwise square, oval, round or rectangular, any of them can suddenly seem like a bad choice! As long as you keep these pointers in mind, you will hopefully end up picking the right dining table shape.