Gorgeous Reading Room Ideas We Want to Steal

A very bookworm knows the feeling: the experience of losing yourself in a riveting novel, flipping page after page while the clock ticks closer and closer to midnight. Unfortunately, finding a great spot to read can be just as difficult as finding the time to do so.

To help inspire you to make the space and the time for your collection of books, here are 8 reading rooms that are so cool and classy we can’t help but swoon at the sight of them. With each eye-catching design, we’ve included simple tips to help you create your own stylish reading room.

Grab your novel, your cup of tea or glass of cabernet, and your favorite throw—it’s time to get lost in a good book.

Play with a Stacked Look

Reena Sotropa office space with book stacks.

If the look of traditional bookshelves doesn’t suit your style, play with the arrangement. Try stacking your books in groups of three or alternating between vertical and horizontal groupings. Mix in some decorative elements throughout until you’ve landed on a style you love.

Take a Minimal Approach

Reading room with full bookshelf and blue couch.

The highlight of any good reading room is the books, so why over-style? Create a space that puts your collection on display. Choose furniture with a modern or Scandinavian vibe.

Your décor should add to the calm and quiet aesthetic, so select artwork with warm undertones and consider a cozy throw across the sofa and perhaps even a faux fur rug under the coffee table

Incorporate Art

Reena Sotropa white built in bookshelf.

Working with a smaller assortment of books? Display your collection with some abstract artwork. Interior designer Reena Sotropa alternated between books and pictures in these white built-in boxes. Although she’s placed a number of pieces on display, layering frames and coupling ceramic vases, the finished product looks airy, artsy, and hip.

Flip Your Books Backwards

Dwell Aware bookshelf with backward facing books.

You can learn a lot about a book by skimming its spine, but for the folks who want a more cohesive look (and a little mystery to boot), flip the books backward. This is a great option if you have a wide selection of books, varying in color, shape, and even genre.

If you would also like certain decorative pieces to catch the eye, backward books will feel like a blended background of off-white, so your décor can pop off the shelf.

Add Some Rustic Charm

Erin Williamson

The best reading nooks possess a feeling of warmth and comfort and what better way to achieve the aesthetic than with a little rustic charm. This design by Erin Williamson incorporates some simple rustic influences with the rocking chair and vintage artwork to complement the rough stone wall.

Even with a stark white bookshelf and a boho basket, the room has a cozy cabin vibe, perfect for an afternoon spent indulging in a good book.

Arrange by Color

Rikki Snyder

This darling design by Rikki Snyder is playful and beautiful, showcasing books arranged simply by color. To accommodate such a large collection, Snyder opted for a stacked approach and organized each pile to create a rainbow pattern. This design acts as an artistic focal point against the solid white walls, dressed with a simple letter board to complete the masterpiece.

Embrace the Library Vibe

Rikki Snyder

For many bookworms, libraries provide a quiet retreat where they can read in peace. The design above encapsulates the library vibe with a unique wallpaper resembling rows of books. This charming reading nook rounds out the cozy aesthetic with textures galore. Sink into a fuzzy armchair, prop your feet up on a knitted ottoman, and escape into another world.

Snuggle Up by the Fire

Dwell Aware cozy living room with brick fireplace.

If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace, resist the urge to furnish your mantel with a flat-screen TV. Instead, claim the room for reading.

This living room by Amanda of Dwell Aware uses the walls bordering her rustic fireplace to display books, plants, and memorabilia. The leather sofa and textured area rug mimic the warm shades in the brick, to complete the serene space. Even her kids can’t help but grab a book and settle in.

Paint the Bookshelves

Rikki Snyder eclectic reading room

Why settle for a stereotypical black or white when you coat your bookshelves in a playful shade? For a whimsical feel, try a pastel pink or a more vibrant tangerine. Achieve a moody design with a midnight blue or forest green, perfect for rainy days spent reading indoors.