Wouldn’t it be nice to go on an vacation? To spend your days in a Moroccan cafe or dance each night in a Brazilian club? While traveling the world forever isn’t feasible, you can bring the rest of the planet to you. All you need is the right decor, and you can turn your home into a cultural paradise.

Choose a specific location

Having a particular locale in mind makes it easier to pick and choose decorative accent pieces that go well together. In fact, you can get wall art that specifically illustrates each place. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Paris: Think poodles, cozy cafes and fashionable ladies. The Eiffel Tower is a particular favorite of decorators.
Black and White Tower Red Umbrella Canvas Painting Paris Street Wall Art Poster Prints Decorative Picture for Living Home
  • Tokyo: A mix of ancient respect and technological advancement, try bright colors paired with pictures of temples and Tokyo tower.
  • Cairo: Go for Arabic scripts and elegant, intricate patterns. Bring this theme into the kitchen with patterned plates and teacups.

 An armless chair with an upholstered seat and back, with a Paris themed print including the Eiffel Tower.

Use warm neutrals and bright colors

“Warm neutral colors are great for large objects.”

Currently home decorating advice from magazines is filled with black, white and gray suggestions. These colors are sleek and modern, but they make your home look less worldly. Instead, opt for earth tones and their variants: beiges, muted greens, sepia, terra cotta and others. Warm neutrals are great for large objects like couches, rugs and curtains, as they don’t overwhelm the eye.

Also, add in bright colors like purples and golds. These are great for accent pieces like wall art and figurines.

 A gray sofa with copper and beige pillows, a large round copper wall mirror, two hanging copper lamps, a white plush rug.

Incorporate animal print tastefully

Tiger, zebra and leopard prints are staples of worldly decor. An animal print bedspread or rug are great choices, as they provide a nice focal point off of which you can base your other decorations.

5 Panel Decorative Paintings Wall Pictures Bengal Tiger African Animal Canvas Painting Prints And Posters Frame Home Decor

When decorating with animal print, always take a step back and see if the pieces you’ve incorporated work well together. A good rule of thumb is to look at the base colors and make sure they complement each other. For example, a bright blue peacock pattern should look nice when paired with orange tiger print.

5Panel HD Print Giraffe African Elephant Oil Painting on Canvas Pop Art Modern Modular Wall Picture for Living Room Sofa Cuadros

Carry the theme through other rooms

A common mistake when decorating with a theme is to only focus on one area. People often stick to the bedroom or the living room, but ignore things like bathroom decor and outdoor spaces. Always incorporate elements of your theme in every room. Even if you don’t alter all of your faucets and light fixtures to match, adding in a throw rug or figurine helps create a cohesive look.

You may not be able to spend your days in Paris, but these tips will help you bring Paris to your home.

A small, ornate burnished gold oval box, topped by a gold blanketed elephant with a raised trunk.