Girl nursery ideas – nursery schemes for baby girls that are not pink

Whether you’re putting together a nursery for a newborn daughter or decorating a little girl’s first bedroom, things have moved on from the days of ‘pink for girl nursery ideas and blue for a boy.’

From calm neutrals, bold brights, rustic naturals or muted pastels, when it comes to colour, these days there are no rules for nursery ideas for baby girls.

Baby girl nursery ideas

Colour aside, creating a relaxed space that feels calm, comfortable and engaging is key for any children’s room idea. Little ones love to look around their space and be visually stimulated, so a room with colourful art work, creative focal points and things to catch baby’s attention are a must.

Nursery ideas for baby girls are where you can afford be ultra creative, have fun with the scheme to create a more engaging space for sleep and play.

1. Try a relaxed, rustic scheme

Girls nursery with woodland wallpaper and curtains and cot


Move away from bold brights and go for a warmer, autumnal colour palette. Rustic woodland-themed wallpaper, bedding and furnishings will delight little ones and gives a lovely excuse to bring in lots of cute animal toys and cuddly critters.

Give a patterned bedroom wallpaper idea a decorative finish by adding a scalloped border around the room just below ceiling height. Create the scalloped effect by using a round plate as a template, filling in with a darker paint colour to create the border.

2. Perk up a white nursery with pops of colour

girls nursery with white walls cot and blue butterfly lights

Classic white never goes out of style and is a versatile option if you want to get the nursery ready early ahead of baby’s arrival. Adding bright bedding, a bold rug and cheerful accessories is an easy way of bringing in extra colour – babies are stimulated by bold shades so they’ll love them too.

Bring in a few favourite characters or choose a theme as baby gets older and you get to know their personality and likes and dislikes. The same decorating theory applies with a timeless grey nursery idea too.

3. Paint a cheery room scape

girls nursery with orange painted wall scape and cot bed

Create a playful backdrop for a girl’s nursery with a fun brights-on-white scheme. Use masking tape to create a simple mountain range effect on a plain white wall (with triangles in a range of heights), then simply fill in with your chosen paint colour.

Try running a simple shelf just below your mountain scape to create a fun display area for toys and keepsakes. And for a decorative finishing touch, add a few butterfly wall stickers to flutter away up the wall.

4. Go for practical wall panelling

girls nursery with grey panelled walls and floral wallpaper

Think ahead when putting a nursery scheme together. As little ones get older, walls can come in for a bit of a bashing, so a hard-wearing wall treatment is a wise choice. Timber wall panelling ideas can cope with scuffs and scrapes and a painted finish can be wiped clean of grubby finger marks.

Pick a classic colour for paintwork as a starting point – soft sage green or subtle grey will create a soothing scheme for little ones and will complement pretty florals or bolder brights. Paint in a bolder colour option as children get older.

5. Create a cute gallery wall

girls nursery with grey walls and wall art

Make a pint-sized picture gallery wall idea to pretty-up a girl’s bedroom and provide visual stimulation. Pick a theme so that pictures sit well together, such as nursery rhyme characters or stills from a favourite picture book. Choose prints in a variety of sizes with frames and mounts in co-ordinating pastel shades – then arrange on the wall at eye level for little ones to enjoy.

6. Give little ones a worldly view

girls nursery with pink world mural and pink chair

Go global with a world map mural as the backdrop for a nursery scheme. With cute animal illustrations from every continent to spark the imagination, it comes on a pink, blue or grey background, and looks striking teamed with simple white furniture and a pared-back decor.

A paste-the-wall design and pre-printed cut lines make it super-easy to hang and remove as and when they grow out of the design.

7. Create a relaxed reading corner

Girls nursery with grey blind and rocking chair

Set aside a quiet corner where mum and baby can enjoy story time together. Include an easy chair and footstool for mum to sit and relax and install a set of bookshelves on the wall within easy reach.

When it comes to children’s room or playroom storage slimline shelves are ideal. Here picture books can be slotted in with covers facing outwards – so pre-readers are able to help themselves to their favourites later on.

8. Paint walls half-and-half with colour

lilac and white girls nursery with patterned blind and dolls house

Try a two-tone treatment to brighten up an all-white bedroom. Lighter walls at the top will make a small room feel bigger, great for small kids rooms box bedrooms, while painting walls a darker colour at the bottom will help create a cocooning effect around a cot or bed so little ones feel snuggly.

Accessorise with pint-sized furniture and a picture blind in a cute co-ordinating print to enhance the look.