‘Just one more episode’ you whisper to your gullible self as you dive into the comfort of your bed and elope into the magnetizing world of Netflix shows. Is it really a healthy escape? We’ll come to that a little later. What’s rather interesting though is how the genius post-play feature on streaming websites (the one that goes ‘next episode starts in 4…3…2..1’) most often works against us. I can almost see a hundred fellow bingers nodding in synchrony. The red button can be a boon on a weekday. Let me lay this out better for you. Last night’s episode of This is us probably got you bawling all night and no amount of Belgian chocolate could mask it. And before you know it, you’ve sailed through eight episodes, the clock says 3 a.m,, you’ve lost sleep and need to head to work in 5 hours. Repercussions? You wake up sleep deprived with crabby eye bags and a flushed nose. Hallelujah.Now we might not have the answers to everything, but we do know one thing for sure. Thanks to clever makeup innovations today, you don’t have to go to work looking like you just survived a zombie apocalypse. From the creamiest tinted moisturizers conditioned to fake a post-workout glow to ridiculously bankable strobe sticks, we’ve enlisted everything you need to imitate the industry’s cult beauty look aka the ‘I woke up like this’ movement to achieve a truly flawless face (we’re looking at you Zoe Kravitz).

Here’s a list of beauty products, that can help you achieve the perfect no-makeup look:


After your CTM routine, reach for a tinted moisturizer instead of your regular foundation. If you’re someone who fancies a good glow, mix that with a drop of boosting oil to give your base that gorgeous radiance. If you’re prone to bloaty eye bags and unfortunate zits, pull out your concealer to blur the evidence. No primer, no compact. This is going to give you that perfect sheer-to-medium finish, and a no makeup look that’s almost like you got eight hours of beauty sleep.  


We’re not willing to give up on the glow just as yet, because to make it look effortless *secret shoulder shrug* it’s got to last you all day. That said, invest in a strobing stick with a flushed undertone. Apply it on your temples, cheekbones, bridge of the nose and cupid’s bow (you know the drill). Only this time we suggest you go for your chin and collar bones too. This little trick is going to give you that flirty 360 gleam.


Perfectly groomed brows frame your face and pull your features into focus. Keeping that in mind, if you’ve over plucked in the past or just have sparse areas, use a heavy-duty brow pencil with a super fine tip and a spoolie. Make a few wispy strokes to imitate your brow hair and fill in any bare spots that you can find. For that extra edge don’t neaten it out, instead brush out just the inner corners in the opposite direction. Rich messy brows read character. One of the easiest natural makeup tips that you can ace!


Forget about kohl-rimmed eyes and galactic shadows for this look. For your eyes, you just need two things. A solid mascara and an eye pencil in a nude shade. That’s it. We’re going to ask you to go all out with your lashes. Swish on all that mascara (skip your lower lashes) and line your lower waterline and your inner corners with a nude eye pencil to make your eyes look bigger and brighter. Truth be told, this power combination is honestly a force to be reckoned with. Again, one of the natural makeup ideas to go for when you are running low on time for proper eye makeup  


Turn a cold shoulder to reds and tangerines because a forward lip is off the cards to get this look right. Smokers, take note. For a natural makeup look, you need to reach out for your concealer again, a muted lip stain and a balm (concealer being key). Dab on some concealer by using your ring finger focusing on the centre of your lips and blending it out to the edges. Repeat the same technique by layering on a muted lip stain and top that up with your balm. The outcome? Unbelievable.

Now, let’s back to that question about television shows. Is it really a healthy escape? If it’s good content, I say yes. If it isn’t, who cares? You can still get away with it because now you know exactly what you need and how to use it. So, don’t lose hope. With the right products you can look like you’re not wearing a stitch of makeup (when you actually are). Waltz into any situation with a gorgeous, seemingly bare face and you’ll have people guessing ‘Is she or isn’t she?’. Wearing makeup, that is. Keep everyone guessing. There’s definitely some fun in that. Let that be our little secret.