LIVING ROOM FURNITURE – Nowadays, decorating houses, restaurant lobby, hotel, especially living room space with sofa sets is an indispensable need. However, to choose a beautiful sofa set that is suitable for the space and ensures the quality and price of the product, not everyone understands.

Therefore, you should pocket some experience on the criteria to choose a beautiful sofa model for yourself:

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1, Size of living room sofa model, bedroom sofa model, sofa model for cafe.

Before buying a sofa, please measure carefully, to make sure the size of the sofa model fits and fits into the expected space.
In which, there are 3 parameters to pay attention to: length, depth and height. First, pay attention to the depth of the sofa because the depth of the chair alone ranges from 600 to 950mm depending on the design style. This is especially important if your room is small in size.

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Usually, sofas have a minimum depth of 600mm – just enough for us to sit comfortably. However, each different sofa manufacturer has its own design standards, and each sofa type also has different depth parameters. Therefore, you should try sitting down when choosing to buy a sofa.

The length of the chair also has many sizes from 1.6 – 3m. Similarly, the height of the chair usually fluctuates in the range of 350 – 500mm, not fixed at a specific number. Therefore, try to sit on the chair before buying to make sure that the sofa really matches the anthropometric characteristics of your family.

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Finally, check the dimensions of doors, elevators or stairs to see if you can transport the sofa through it. This is also quite common when customers go to buy furniture, when moving into the room, it is quite difficult to even enter the room.

2, Sofa frame structure.

Sofa skeleton of Wallcorners Home Decor

Pay attention to the quality of the frame if you want the living room sofa to be durable and worth the money. On the market there are many types of skeletons, natural wooden frames, industrial wooden frames. With wooden frames in small production facilities are often not guaranteed, the quality of wood is poor. Wood sources such as reclaimed pine, and natural wood used at sawmills. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully check and ask the manufacturer to commit and guarantee the quality of the frame to avoid the case of wood mixing.

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3, Structure the cushion, foam of the sofa set.

Artificial rubber foam cushion: This is one of the standard sofa cushions made from a chemical compound – Polyurethane Foam of the same quality, creating smoothness, toughness, anti-collapse and elasticity almost like tissue. Simulate the structure from natural rubber mattress, but the quality will not be equal. In the production of sofas, artificial rubber cushions are rarely used, but this type of mattress is often used for beds.
Natural latex foam mattress: This is a mattress made directly from rubber tree latex with very high durability, antibacterial, safe for users and environmentally friendly. However, the cost of natural rubber mattresses is relatively high, often used to produce bedding.
Foam mattress: This type of foam mattress is often used to produce the sitting surface of the sofa, the disadvantage of the mattress is that it is hard.
Foam pad (regenerated foam): Made from shredded foam mixed with pressed industrial glue. The characteristics of this type of sofa cushion are quite hard, not smooth, and have poor elasticity.

Sofa mattress

4, Structure sofa legs.

There are quite a variety of sofa legs, natural wooden sofa legs, copper-plated, nickel-plated iron sofa legs, powder coated, stainless steel 304 sofa legs. With the legs depending on the design of the sofa set that the company has production has the application accordingly. With the legs of the chair, you should pay attention to the certainty, by shaking the chair vigorously to test the durability.

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5, The material used to cover the sofa.

Currently, companies use quite a lot of materials for upholstery, simili leather sofas, industrial upholstered sofas (which are products synthesized from animal skin scraps), real leather sofas, burlap sofas, and so on. upholstered sofa, velvet sofa.

For families with small children or pets like cats that can scratch the surface of the skin, priority should be given to fabrics that can be easily cleaned or cleaned with a washing machine. It is best to choose a sofa with a removable cover so that it can be removed and washed without having to pay for a sofa cleaning service at home.

6, Sofa model design.

There are 3 basic sofa designs, For each family space that you complete to suit:

Corner sofa model: often used to place in the corner of the living room, designed to optimize the function of the corners. There are two basic types of corner sofas: L-shaped corner sofas and U-shaped corner sofas, but the most common is the L-shaped corner sofa. Because both optimize the function of the corner of the house, at the same time, the overall space will be more airy.

Beautiful small apartment sofa

Single sofa model: designed quite compactly for 1 person to use, not heavy, so it is easy to move, easy to arrange. You can put them in the bedroom, living room or office, even outside on the balcony as a relaxing chair.

Single sofa model

Sofa Văng model: This is a design with only 1 couch that can be used for 2 or 3 people. The advantage of the sofa model, neat and suitable for small living room space or you want to save space for other functions.

Sofa model Vang
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7, Decorative pillows, tea table model combined with sofa model.

There are many decorative pillows, with beautiful textures or solid colors. Depending on your preferences or the color of the sofa set, you can choose a decorative pillow model to combine to create a highlight to enhance the living room space.

Combined with sofa model
Decorative cover sofa


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