Sometimes, one can barely afford groceries, much less fork out big bucks for wall art. Even if you don’t have a dime to spare, you don’t need to live with blank walls. It’s easy to decorate your space using these links to free wall art printables and totally free wall art ideas:

Free Wall Art Printables 

  • Create your own word art online with Wordle. It’s free and easy, and you don’t even have to be creative. Just put in a favorite quote or word theme, such as coastal or holiday words, and let Wordle do the work.
  • Photography can make wonderful wall art. Check out the copyright-free creative commons at Flickr or MorgueFile where photographers freely share their work and make it available for download.
  • If antiquing is your thing, check out the free printables at Vintage Printable.You can search or browse certain categories to find hundreds of styles of images, maps, travel posters, artwork or prints.
  • The Graphics Fairy also shares free vintage works of art for printing and private use, as well as clip art images along with fun DIY ideas.
  • Feed Your Soul is a wonderful site that offers real works of art from real artists, all for free. Just download, print and hang.
  • If you like letters, the free printable downloads at Missie Krissie and the customizable monograms at Wedding Chicks should fulfill your need for both.
  • Maybemej Photography has gathered a collection of beautifully free collage sheet printables, and she offers more artistic freebies on her Flickr site.
  • Vector art can be used to create amazing graphics and posh printable patterns. Download vectors for free from the collection at Vecteezy.

Reusables and Creatables 

  • Want to try your hand at your own one-of-a-kind art? Arty Factory produces free art lessons for the beginner to the expert artist, so you can create your own masterpiece for a song.
  • Many public libraries and government archives offer up their collections for free online. Check with your state’s archive office or browse the public records at the ​New York Public Library and the U.S. Library of Congress for free downloads of vintage photography, ads, graphics, maps and more.

Make Your Own Art 

Making art from everyday objects is not only a great way to reuse and upcycle, but it is also a great way to save. Try your hand at these fun and simple DIY ideas:

  • If you want to decorate more than your walls, it’s easy to reuse everyday objects to make sculptural art for your home. Gather your items and use Gorilla glue or a hot glue gun to create a freeform sculpture or glue items to an existing large vase or block of wood for your own unique piece.
  • For another sculpture idea, be inspired by Atelier Calder by bending picture framing wire into a fun shape or form and displaying proudly. 
  • If you have some old paint lying around, use it! Even if you aren’t especially artistic, you can utilize a blank wall as a canvas and transform it into a masterpiece by painting a pattern or simple picture.
  • No paint? No problem! Crayons, markers, and colored pencils work just as well on walls as they do on paper. Sketch freeform shapes or outline objects or stencils then color in. Whatever wall art you choose, have fun and be frugal. No Monets needed!

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