Christmas Decoration Ideas For An Elegant Season

Tis the season to be jolly.  Yet, realistically, it is more important that this is the season to make the house look prettyChristmas décor can lead to hellish competition between neighbours, especially for external décor ideas.  However, the inside of your home can be no less pressured. Making sure Wallcorners gives a suitable oooo is a yearly trial.

This may seem a little “bah humbug”, and you may love the time of decorative splendour.  Whatever your inclination, you could probably use some hints and tips to make your Christmas décor the classiest they can be.  Here we offer some of the more ingenious ideas for making your home unique.

Make an impact from your front door onwards

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You need to set the tone from the first moment your visitors rock up to your door.  A wreath on the door is a lovely greeting for guests – giving a hint of holiday cheer.  However, you can make this even more glam with greenery framing the entrance, interlaced with lights.  It does not take much of an investment to make a significant impact.

Is that a cushion or a gift?

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Do you have a series of squishy stools in your living space? You know those squidgy squares that act as seats for occasional guests and children. Well, these colourful squares can be easily turned into a Christmas decoration with the simple addition of a ribbon and a bow.  If you don’t have a poof, try the same trick with a pillow or cushion on your sofa or classic wingback chairs. It will take about 5 minutes but create a lovely talking point in your room.

Go simple on the table décor

Busy and bold does not have to be the signature for all your Christmas decisions.  Sometimes, the more subtle choices can have the most impact.  If you lay your table, do it with minimalism.  Choose a central décor theme, maybe a townscape, perhaps some snow scattered trees – but leave the rest of the table with just simple table settings.  The sparse decoration will give impact to the imaginative choice you have made along the centre of the table.

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It is also worth remembering that Christmas is a time to be social.  If your table is too cluttered or the décor is too high, you will inhibit the ability of your guests to chat or access your food quickly.

When a tree is not a tree

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Anyone else want to avoid the live Christmas tree?  You may worry about the impact on the planet or that you will have to clean up the needles once Christmas is over.  If this is you, then you are going to have to get creative.  If you have a whole host of baubles of different sizes, you could build these up into a pyramid to make a bauble tree.  If you want to be super funky, then you could find a whole load of disco balls and pile these up in the corner.  The great thing about the glass-covered disco ball is that it will look like a snow-covered tree when piled up – and it will sparkle and reflect the Christmas lights around your home.

If you are worried about too much plastic – why not try a pompom tree instead?

Make your own wreath

Are you the crafty sort? Do you want a decoration that will be available to use time and time again?  If you make a wreath out of fern, holly, mistletoe and ivy from around the woods, the leaves will begin to wilt.  It can be beautiful for a few weeks one year but will need to be binned after the event.  2020 has to be a time of sustainability.  Keeping the woodland foliage amongst the trees is best.  However, you can replicate the leaves and buds with paper, with a pair of scissors and some green paper.  Then, you can use this for years to come.

Give your kitchen a spruce up too

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All too often your kitchen is the poor cousin of the house.  Everywhere else gets a sprinkling of Christmas cheer but the kitchen is bare.  The easiest way to offer a bit of festivity to space is to spruce it up – or use bits of greenery from spruce trees to create a simple but effective design.

If you don’t fancy putting up decorations, why not try building a gingerbread house and croquembouche tower topped with a star. Your puddings can be your decorations and add that wow factor!