Christmas window decorating ideas

From on-trend chalk painting to festive bunting, sprucing up your windows for Christmas will make your home look and feel cosy and inviting from the outside in. Even if no one can actually come in this year.

1. Decorate with snowflakes

Window stickers

You can buy simple stickers, designed specifically for the job – meaning they shouldn’t leave a sticky residue behind once taken down. From snowflakes to forest scenes there’s a captivating sticker to do the job for your window display.

2. Cascade glowing fairy lights

fairy lights in the window

Fairy lights never fail to do the job of creating ambience. Suspend strings of simple fairy lights by windows to benefit from the effect both inside and out. They can help to act as outdoor lights to do your bit for the street, without having to hang them out in the cold. From indoor they help to enhance the view, meaning whatever the whether your home will feel festive and cosy.

3. String up seasonal bunting


If you’re a big fan of a paired back decor then Christmas decorations might feel overwhelming. But fear not because they can be spectacular and subtle in equal measure. A simple string of bunting is enough to welcome a seasonal touch of added style, without adding colour and bling. Placing the bunting infant of a window goes a long way to extend Christmas cheer to the world beyond.

Traditional hessian bunting is perfect in a cosy country cottage or paired with neutral interiors and an elegantly-styled Christmas tree. Adding an adorable dog into the mix is never a bad idea either.

4. Cut out paper silhouettes

Chrsitmas window decorations with angels

Like childhood crafts, make your own simple but stylish paper cutouts to adorn the windows. Stick with simple White Tack, so the paper cutouts are easy to remove and stuck ‘magically’, unobviously to the eye.

5. Fill window sills with colour

Christmas window display

Create a curated festive display on the window sill, that can be enjoyed both inside and out. From coloured tealight votives to mini decorated trees, set the scene with colour that will cast a warm glow.

6. Get creative with cacti

Christmas window with succulents

As the plant of the year, it’s only right that some form of succulent play a pressing role in festive decorating for 2020. This playful display sees mini cacti arrangements suspended on wires with a window frame, to float above the festive floral arrangements on the window sill.

7. Make a garland of crackers

Window Christmas cracker garland

This idea is a little crackers perhaps…but doesn’t it look fabulous! Simply string together two sets of crackers, tying a thread around each send of one cracker to the next. Hang the handmade creation across the window as your would a garland. Using shiny metallic crackers is a good way to catch the light and get them  noticed from the outside too.

To save waste you could simply take these down on the big day to use around the table.

8. Invest in a festive blind

Christmas patterned blind

Looking for a more inclusive way to dress your windows this Christmas? Invest in a festive blind to create the perfect cosy scene for Christmas festivities.

9. Stage festive accessories at the window

Christmas living room

It’s amazing how far a simple decoration in the window can go to lift your decorating scheme. Because it’s to be enjoyed both inside and out, it’s a great way to get more from your seasonal decorations. Whether a reindeer placed on the window frame or a willow heart or star shaped decoration hanging from the window catch, it’s enough to signify that Christmas has arrived in your home.