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Classic Bedroom Design Ideas for Couples

Are you getting married and super excited to start the new chapter of your life? While marrying the love of your life is exciting, couples go through varying emotions. Moving into a new space is not an inviting idea for many couples. The designing and planning of your new place along with your spouse can […]

First Apartment Essentials

So you’re moving into your first apartment, and the excitement of turning your place into a home is taking over. But as you start to get settled in, you begin to realize you might be missing some must-haves you never needed before now. Learn about all the essentials you need for your new space. Let’s […]

10 tips for shopping antiques and vintage furniture like a pro

There’s no better way to upgrade your home decor than by introducing a timeless vintage piece that imparts a certain je ne sais quoi that only objects with history can. If you’re on the hunt for that perfect piece, we share our top tips on buying antiques and vintage pieces like the pros. This new approach […]

10 Adorable Nursery Wall Decor Ideas

Decorating the nursery for your bundle of joy is a real pleasure, and like most parents, you will probably put more effort into getting that room just right than any other. Your nursery won’t feel complete until the perfect wall art has been added. After all, these are the images that your little one will grow up […]

10 Coffee Bar Ideas to Make Your Kitchen Fit for a Barista

A fresh cup of coffee never goes out of style, but kitchen cabinets cluttered with coffee pods, syrups and mugs certainly do. Streamline your morning routine by setting up any one of these coffee bar ideas. It’s as simple as it sounds: Carve out a space in your home (think: a kitchen cabinet, countertop, pantry or bar cart) and […]

4 Creative Ways to Easily Improve Your Kitchen

The kitchen is really the heartbeat of our homes. Not only is it where we cook our food, but it is also a great place to sit and chat with friends and family. Creating the perfect kitchen takes a little careful planning, but if you get it right, it can be a huge bonus for […]

9 Wall Decor Ideas That You May Never Have Thought Of

Do you find yourself doing this?  You need a piece of artwork, so you make the trek to your favorite store to hit the wall art section.  You find a couple of pieces that you like, head to check out and you’re done.. The problem is that if that’s all you’re relying on to add […]

How To Create A Conducive and Productive Work Environment In Your Home

It seems that working from home is becoming a new norm. Before people used to pray or be blessed to work at home, it was certainly far from the usual work environment, but now, it’s much easier to do and it can be incredibly rewarding. Being able to wake up and know you don’t have […]


Last March, few people expected that working from home would last longer than a few weeks. Most of us set up a makeshift work area at the dining room table or in the corner of a bedroom, expecting to make do with a temporary arrangement. A year into the COVID-19 pandemic, though, a fair number […]


We all want to be happy. That goes without saying! But a happy life doesn’t mean a life without sad or dark days. Tough times require resilience. Accepting happiness into our lives when the skies are blue, the trees are green and the birds are chirping is important. They’re the days when happiness should be easy. When […]