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What to Know Before You Buy a Desk

A desk has become nearly as essential to a home as a bed or a sink. And as with those essentials, functionality is a priority. Fortunately, there’s no need to sacrifice good looks for practicality. Once you determine the desk size and features that meet your needs, you’ll find plenty of options that complement your style. Sizing […]

Top Tips for Decorating Small Spaces

Looking to make the most out of your cozy apartment, townhome, condo or house? Think of decorating your space as an opportunity to get creative. How do you maximize storage and function without sacrificing style? Our small space decorating ideas, tips and tricks will spark your creativity and help you think beyond the square footage. […]

Guide To Choosing Your Dining Table Shape

Rectangular, round, oval or square – which dining table shape fits YOUR needs? Which shape (and size!) is right for your room decor and space, and what are the pros & cons of each style? Here’s your guide to picking the dining table shape! Rectangular Dining Table Design It is safe to say that a […]

5 dressing room ideas to inspire a super chic organized closet

We could peruse through dressing room ideas for hours. For what is more satisfying than rows of shoes all lined up perfectly, clothes hung in color order, zero mess, zero clutter, totally dreamy. And actually, while dressing rooms were once reserved for the Cribs-esque homes, they are fast becoming a must-have for homeowners. ‘Dressing rooms […]

5 built-in wardrobe ideas – stylish fitted designs that will maximize space in your bedroom

Take inspiration from these super stylish built-in wardrobe ideas – because wardrobes aren’t just for keeping the clutter at bay, they can be beautiful focal points in your bedroom. We’ve pulled our favorite looks, featuring paneled doors, upholstered doors, wallpapered doors, plastered doors… are you sensing a theme here. But we also cover what’s inside […]

How Interior Design Can Enhance People’s Experience of Spaces

When it comes to interior design, people often talk about the aesthetic aspects, such as how to achieve a certain look and which decorating trend to follow. But there’s a whole lot more to interior design than these. One aspect that’s not often taken into consideration is the effects of interior design on a person’s […]

Ready, Set, Organize! Entryway Storage Solutions

As summer turns to fall, our entryways and mudrooms begin to accumulate more, well, everything—jackets, boots, backpacks, papers, sports equipment . . . you get the picture. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of our favorite ways to keep the entryway organized and ready to go. 1. Wall-mounted hooks and hangers. We love the idea of […]


Bath mats are the essentials used in front of the shower or bathtub to avoid slips and post-shower puddles. The bath mats give comfortability from the cold tiles after a hot bath. They are absorbents and non-skid features for safety. Bambury math mats provide excellent durability and absorbency. You can even match the bath towels, […]


We not only want your clothes, but the influencer has also become a source of inspiration to all levels: where to eat, where to travel, what they read, or what they do in their spare time slip directly on our wish list. Of course, also their houses. If a few weeks ago we told you how the girls who work in fashion […]


Sleeping comfortably is vitally important, regardless of the season. However, as anyone who hails from an area with extreme weather patterns can attest, getting a good night’s sleep during the balmy summer months is a whole different ball-game than enjoying a peaceful night’s slumber throughout the frigid winter months. Fortunately for troubled summertime sleepers, a […]