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These 15 Layout Mistakes Are Making Your Room Look Cheaper

While rearranging the furniture in any room throughout your home may seem like a no-brainer, there is actually a plethora of layout mistakes that you could be making along the way. Even though we typically subscribe to the notion that there are no strict rules when it comes to interior design, according to a few experts, there […]

This Is How 5 Designers Make Their Small Home Look Like a Mansion

as someone who rents a small apartment in Silver Lake, Los Angeles, I know how challenging it can be to decorate your dream home with limited square footage—check out my simple floor plans for some tips. While my inner interior design nerd has fallen hard for oversize pendant lights and a plush three-seater sofa, my little living room doesn’t have the ceiling […]

16 Luxury Towels That’ll Transform Your Bathroom Into a Personal Spa

It’s amazing how small touches can make even the most mundane task feel a little extra special. In this case, we’re talking about luxury towels—the best of which can instantly upgrade your grooming routine. Hopping out of the shower and drying off with a plush, ultra-luxe towel can feel like an experience at the spa…even […]

8 Ways To Fix Your Dry Hair In No Time

Does your hair feel brittle and coarse? Is it dull and difficult to style? Your hair may be damaged from years of mistreatment or it may be dried out from overwashing. Dry hair doesn’t mean you have a serious health problem. In fact, it’s a common issue that affects many people all over the world. […]

Sweet Dreams, Right This Way

To encourage drowsiness, ancient Egyptians drank a beverage made of liquid extracted from wild lettuce stems. Charles Dickens insisted that his bed face north, even carrying a compass with him when traveling, and Vincent van Gogh soaked his pillow and mattress with toxic levels of camphor. In short, people have pursued the secrets of a good night’s sleep for […]

How to Choose the Right Men’s Shoes

Whether you choose shoes as practical necessities, or have a shoe obsession, you know that having some basic pairs is essential to your wardrobe. Some men might be uncomfortable wearing a variety of styles in men’s shoes. Though shoes are an essential part of your wardrobe, and can be coordinated like any garment or accessory […]

How to Apply Mascara like a Pro Makeup Artist

News flash: you don’t have to be a professional makeup artist to create eyes that seriously wow. You can get that va-va-voom look all on your own with the help of your trusty old mascara wand. After all, there’s a reason mascara is considered a classic makeup staple–just a few swipes can transform your whole […]

10 Incredible Living Rooms with Mirrors

Mirrors create a certain illusion depending on how you actually use it in home design. In today’s home designs, designers are considering more mirrors in the house since it usually magnifies small spaces and allows people to think that a certain space is bigger than it actually is. Since there are a lot of innovation […]

Island Kitchen Designs and how to decorate yours.

A luxurious Kitchen is incomplete without an Island Unit. Explore the beautiful statement pieces that you can add to your kitchen, place some hanging lights on the top, and your kitchen will be turned into your favorite part of the home. Explore the different Design Ideas 1. Add Pendant Lights Pendant lights are a great […]