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Is Sleeping With Wet Hair Bad for You? A Hairstylist Explains

Sometimes, after a long day, it’s all you can do to take a shower and wash your hair before collapsing into bed, which means your hair will still be wet once you hit the sheets. But is it wise to drift off to dreamland with damp tresses? Without a doubt, the topic of going to bed with […]

6 Ways To Treat Hair Loss In Females

Hair loss is really a devastating journey for people regardless of their gender, but for females, it can be a crucial journey as they create a connection of hair with their beauty. Hair loss in females can happen due to various reasons such as hormonal changes, stress, genetics, or just a natural aging process. The […]

5 Tips For Clearer, More Youthful Skin

Have you ever noticed how your complexion can make or break your day? Whether you look in the mirror and see a new acne breakout, an increase in lines and wrinkles or eyes that are puffier than they used to be you’re probably familiar with feeling frustrated or self-conscious. There are so many ways to […]

Should Women Shave Their Face? A Derm Weighs In

The struggle against our strands is real: Women have been waging war against the hair we don’t want (and lamenting the hair we wish we had) for centuries. We’ve resorted to a variety of inventive, often painful, and occasionally borderline-barbaric methods of removing hair: tweezing, plucking, waxing, sugaring, scraping, shaving, dermaplaning (aka dermablading), threading, depilatory […]

Hair Falling Out? This Might Be Why

My husband was the first to comment, “What’s with all the hair in the sink?”  My medical assistant was second, when she stopped me before I stepped into an exam room to point out the handful of loose strands scattered over my shoulders and back. My stylist was third, when I went in for a […]

How to Create a Body Care Routine

Finding the perfect skin care routine for your face is a major feat, but it isn’t the only routine you should be searching for. While we can certainly understand why you would make your face a priority—since everyone sees it—body care is a must, too. Just as you should use a facial cleanser, exfoliator, and moisturizer (and more) on your […]


The history of red lipstick is a meandering chronicle of challenging supremacy, equating power and even facing death as a consequence. From a symbol of aristocracy to being synonymous with immorality by the church, it might be hard for us 21st century mortals to believe that this scarlet phenomenon survived a string of dark controversies […]


‘Just one more episode’ you whisper to your gullible self as you dive into the comfort of your bed and elope into the magnetizing world of Netflix shows. Is it really a healthy escape? We’ll come to that a little later. What’s rather interesting though is how the genius post-play feature on streaming websites (the one […]