Nobody can deny the impact that a large modern abstract art piece can bring to a room. So it’s no secret that original abstract art paintings can be quite expensive, especially if the artist has a big following. If you’re looking for abstract art on a budget though, it can be tough to find large affordable artwork that you can actually be proud of. That’s why so many people are choosing to buy modern abstract wall art in the form of prints. In this blog post, we will compare the different types of reproduced art mediums like canvas prints, ArtFab prints, and framed poster prints to help you decide which option is best for you when looking for a signature piece of wall art for your space.

Traditional Canvas Prints

Canvas prints are a traditional option for abstract wall art because they are relatively affordable and they look pretty good. The material is made out of a blend of cotton and polyester so the ink absorbs well. The print is then wrapped over a wooden stretcher bar and stapled. There are lots of sites on the web selling canvas art prints so they have a familiar look in homes. The downside is that canvas prints don’t transport well, especially in large sizes, and they can damage easily. It’s hard to find canvas prints that exceed 40″ X 60″ for this reason, they just don’t handle well. Most canvas prints typically come in two sizes: small (16×20 inches) and large (24×36 inches), which is small for signature wall art.

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Framed Poster Prints

Framed poster prints are a good option if you want abstract art that is easy to hang and looks polished. The poster is usually protected by a piece of glass or acrylic that sits in over the print in the framing, which is good and bad. The glass protects the print but can still damage. The downside to framed poster prints are more expensive than canvas prints in large sizes because you have to include the protective glass or acrylic. This also makes framed poster prints heavy and fragile. Framed poster prints typically come in two sizes: small (11×14 inches) and large (18×24 inches) which is relatively small. When you get into larger framed posters the price skyrockets.

ArtFab Prints

ArtFab prints are a newer option that is becoming increasingly popular in large sizes. ArtFab prints are made with high-quality polyester fabric material that was designed for high-definition print, and they come in a variety of larger sizes. ArtFab is unlike canvas and poster because you can handle it without risking damage. This is particularly important when you move homes. The prints are also soft so you can fold them for storage and transportation. Once the print is inserted in the framing it stretches taut for a smooth gallery-like finish.  And the prints are interchangeable in the framing, which is an advantage over canvas prints that tend to get boring after time.

Which option is best for you to display modern abstract wall art in your home? That depends on your budget and what you’re looking for. If you are looking for larger sizes and the ability to transport, then ArtFab is best. If you want wall art that is traditional and familiar, then canvas prints are best. Let us know what you think so we can help you find the best wall art for the money.


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