When thinking of bedroom ceiling ideas, the famous quote by master interior designer Albert Hadley comes to mind – ‘ceilings must always be considered. They are the most neglected surface in a room.’

Ceilings are often a last thought when it comes to interior design, but the bedroom ideas are achieved when all a room’s surfaces are carefully considered. A decorated ceiling can help create a cocooning feeling, set the tone for the room’s design, and even create an illusion of higher, or lower, ceilings depending on how you approach it.

If you’re ready to save your bedroom ceilings from neglect, then this set of 6 bedroom ceiling ideas is for you.

Bedroom ceilings offer a canvas to go big with creative ideas. ‘Our bedrooms are our sanctuaries, so think about a color or pattern that gives you joy,’ says Ann Marie, founder of AMC Design. ‘Consider painting the ceiling a bold color. This will alter how you perceive the space and make it feel cozier.’

With that in mind, we’ve pulled together 11 bold bedroom ceilings look to inspire.


A bedroom with a gold painted ceiling

(Image credit: Victoria Maria)

For a stunning modern bedroom ideas, consider gilding your ceiling. If you have an architecturally rich room, highlighting it with gold leaf will really draw the eye to these details. Plus, the soft luster from the gold can really set the tone for a luxurious space.

Of course, gold leafing is a rather bold choice but if this concept appeals to you, but you prefer not to go all the way, choose a smaller surface to experiment it on, like a mirror or a stool. Many design and craft stores sell gold-toned metal leaf sheets and adhesives, while there are professional gilders who can also undertake the project for you.


A bedroom with a wooden ceiling and brown toned wallpaper

(Image credit: General Assembly)

If you live in a home that is wood or brick-dominated space, we suggest you leave the walls and surfaces exposed. This type of Cottagecore aesthetic is coming back in vogue again. Allow your master bedroom to look as natural, organic, and untouched as possible.

‘The river town of Hudson has become an escape for New York creatives looking for a little more space and a slower pace of life. The homeowners, who split their time between New York, Los Angeles, and London, came to us to brighten up and modernize their new country home located just outside the town,’ says Colin Stief, founder of General Assembly(opens in new tab). ‘The natural and neutral finishes throughout emphasize the heavy timber construction, which we took great care to not disrupt. The result of the renovation is a home that has been modernized to meet the needs of the family who live there, without losing the character that attracted them to the property.’


A beautiful round ceiling design in a bedroom

(Image credit: Bespoke Only)

Molding adds a flair of antiquated character, charm, and architectural detail that is hard to match. Whether you have a luxurious bedroom with existing molding or decide to customize one entirely, one thing is for sure: your space will be rich with texture before you even get to the furniture.

When it comes to this design feature, you don’t have to limit yourself to the edges of the room, either. Enhance its expression with an intricate ceiling rose design in the center of the ceiling.

‘We installed a medallion with an oversized ceiling ring to highlight the historic heritage of the brownstone, complementing the originally carved marble surround and cast iron summer cover of the fireplace in this otherwise pared-back bedroom,’ says Melissa Lee, principal designer at Bespoke Only


A bedroom with vaulted wooden ceilings

(Image credit: Michelle Mele. Photo by Rafael Soldi)

Ceilings don’t have to be all flat, horizontal planes of white-painted drywall. A vaulted ceiling can create more volume in a room by opening the ceiling to a higher point within the framework of the roof. Plus, they look eye-catching and make for a great first impression as you enter a space.

If you have the budget for it, playing with the ceiling structure can be an effective way of achieving something special and unique, especially in an attic bedroom. A simple, vaulted design with wooden rafters, as seen in the project by Michelle Mele looks intricate and interesting.

‘A vaulted ceiling with exposed collar ties or other structural components is a great way to add volume and interest to a bedroom,’ says interior designer Michelle Mele. ‘We love exposing existing structural components in place and just finishing them nicely. This not only adds interest to the space, but it is also a great way to save on the cost of any structural work which might be required with re-engineering trusses or other structural elements found above a lowered ceiling.’


A bedroom with wooden beams and paint on the ceiling

(Image credit: Utkan Gunerkan)

Decorating a ceiling with paint is an excellent way to introduce introduce overhead, while still easily combined with any original features of your space, as this design showcases.

‘We used the original wooden beams of the existing room as decorative elements on the ceiling, and enhanced it with simple paint,’ says architect Utkan Gunerkan, principal architect, Studio Utkan Gunerkan. ‘A yellow shade was chosen in order to fit the old colour – we slightly saturated the original yellow for it to match the shade of the cabinets.’

‘As for the bespoke bed, we used breezeblocks and made a metal construction inside to hold the mattress,’ says Utkan. ‘It was simply laying bricks than sanding them to make them smooth. There’s also a brass layer on top which is made from salvaged materials that become a canopy for the bed, to compliment the old window frames.’


A bedroom with brick tiles on the ceiling

(Image credit: Etchegaray. Photo Sergio Lope)

Natural, earthy ceiling tiles in exposed brick can instantly add warmth to a space. Bricks are especially perfect for arches and curved ceilings in rooms that have plenty of natural light. For the most welcoming rustic bedroom ideas, consider this design.

While looking for bricks, consider ones that complement the furnishings for a cohesive design. You could even add wooden elements to the room to add another degree of warmth to the stone.

For a seamless look, you could consider painting your brick ceiling white, but if you’re going ahead with the exposed design, ensure you coat it so debris doesn’t fall from overhead.