Alternatives to Headboards 

Bedroom with a wooden triangle behind the bed

Whether you want to incorporate a platform bed into your room, you simply want to embrace a minimalistic look, or you’re on a tight budget, nixing a headboard can be an easy way to save money and update your space at the same time. While we love a beautiful headboard as much as the next home decorator, it’s no longer a necessity to create a finished bedroom. Not only does decorating without a headboard allow you to be more creative and think outside the box, but it can also free up space and give you more room to work within a small space. 

This functional and unique boho-inspired bed from bearinthesmallwhitehouse is giving us major bedroom envy and proves that eliminating a traditional headboard can be a great way to elevate your bedroom game. 

Add a Shelf 

Bed with linen bedding and a shelf overhead

This super cozy, linen-filled bed from ALVHEM is wonderfully minimalistic and modern, and it’s so perfect that you wouldn’t even notice it’s missing a headboard. The thin ledge shelf above the bed provides a lovely perch for artwork or extra storage space in a small bedroom. We love how the unmatched bedside lamps are both functional and beautiful, providing a visual frame for the bed and a little extra reading light at night.

A Lush Choice 

Bedroom with leaves on the wall behind the bed

If you have a stunning plant-filled wall like‘s, you wouldn’t think of covering it up with a headboard. Not only is this space unique and unlike any we’ve seen before, but by keeping a streamlined, low-profile bed without bulky legs or a headboard, you can truly appreciate the beautiful foliage-covered wall.

Make Your Wall a Focal Point 

Bedroom with yellow wallpaper behind the bed

Putting up wallpaper can be a pain—a worthwhile one, but a pain nonetheless—so why hide it behind a headboard? This simple but stunning bedroom from skrinetmitt showcases just how much an accent wall can transform a bedroom. Instead of focusing on your bed, pay attention to the wall behind it, and you won’t miss the headboard.

A Room With a View 

A bed with white blankets under a wide window

If you’re lucky enough to have a wide-open window like this one from stylestatements_co, own it. We love how the window in this space frames the bed and almost has the same effect as a headboard. Not only does this avoid covering up a window, but it creates a more open space that brings the outdoors inside. 

Embrace Brick 

A bedroom with a white brick wall and shelves

An exposed brick wall, especially in a bedroom, is such a luxury that there’s no reason to hide it behind a headboard. This monochrome bedroom from annalovesneutrals keeps things simple by relying on a black and white color palette and letting the white-painted brick take center stage. Whether you have a large bedroom or a small one, a brick wall adds enough visual interest and texture to the room to forgo a headboard. 

Display Your Favorite Art 

Bedroom with a large picture over the bed

Another perk of not having a headboard? You have more space to show off your favorite works of art. This bedroom from haleymarin allows a mini gallery wall to act as the focal point for the room. Without a headboard, your eyes are drawn to the art, and they become statement pieces. Look for bold artwork that lends a tranquil vibe, and you can easily frame your bed without a headboard.

A Wonderful Canvas 

Bedroom with a large chalkboard wall behind the bed

We absolutely love this chalkboard paint idea from cozycoutureinteriors. If you’ve never thought about bringing chalkboard paint into the bedroom, this adorable space may change your mind. Not only does it allow you to change up your look as often as you want, but it gives you a fun space to leave little notes, reminders, and inspirational quotes to give you that boost you need when you wake up in the morning. 

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