There’s something about a rustic living room that’s incredibly relaxing.

Maybe it’s the mix of natural materials, the use of comfy furniture, or the fire burning on a cold night. Either way, these rooms are packed full of nature-inspired items and organic textures for a gorgeous look.

If you’re working on your living room and need wall decor, try any of these 9 ideas for a cozy, rustic space.

1.Adorn Your Walls with an Antler Set

Adorn Your Walls with an Antler Set

Antlers are synonymous with rustic style. So, if you don’t have any real deer antlers to display, you can purchase a set like this to go on your walls.

This set comes with three mounted antlers. This would look great over your sofa, in a collage, or over the tv.

2.Display a Set of Rustic Mirrors

Display a Set of Rustic Mirrors

Mirrors work perfectly in a rustic space, especially a set with wood frames like these.

These mirrors can work for a modern or old-school-style rustic room. They come in a set of four, so you can arrange them like pictured above or include them in a large wall collage. You could even break up the group and place them in different rooms.

3.Fill A Big Space with Teak Wood

Fill A Big Space with Teak Wood

If you have a lot of space to fill, like above a couch or on an empty wall, consider large rustic wall decor for the living room. A great option is this two-piece set of teak wood.

The variation in this wood makes it look like nature’s art. Each piece is left unfinished except for a light sanding – this means every set will be unique and darken over time.

4.Install Floating Wall Shelves

Install Floating Wall Shelves

If you want some shelves in your living room, try these rustic floating wood shelves from Urban Outfitters.

You can find these in three different sizes and two different colors, including brown and natural. And since these shelves come individually, you can buy as many or as few as you need for your living room.

5.Create a Layered Look with Prints

If you’re looking for rustic wall art for the living room, try creating a collage like this. You can start by hanging some items you already have on the wall and then add in prints.

Top contenders for your collage are rustic clocks, deer antlers, wildlife photos, and wood pieces. You can layer these all together for a very textured, interesting look.

6.Hang a Faux Bull Skull

Hang a Faux Bull Skull

Faux bull skulls work well in any rustic room, no matter the color scheme. In warm, wood-heavy rooms, they add to the look, and in cooler-colored rooms, they offer contrast.

You can use a faux skull like this to fill in a small empty space. You could also use it as part of a larger design.

7.Bring in a Large Rustic Wall Clock

Bring in a Large Rustic Wall Clock

There are many large wall clocks to choose from, but this is my top pick if you’re looking for modern rustic wall decor ideas.

This clock is rattan with gold metal accents. It takes the shape of a wagon wheel but still manages to look modern.

8.Pay Tribute to Your Favorite Animals

Pay Tribute to Your Favorite Animals

Rustic living rooms are the perfect spaces to show off your favorite animals. So whether that animal is a dog or a horse, you can find a canvas or painting to hang on your wall.

I like the horse canvas print for western type rustic rooms. Other animals that work great include cows, pigs, and farm dogs.