Maps are majestic and bring out a sense of adventure and exploration. They can stir up your imagination and dreams … and also add a nostalgic flair to any space. Your home is essentially a reflection of yourself, your personality, your likes and your comforts. And whether metaphorically or literally … maps take us to where we want to go.

The textures, colors, shapes and sizes of maps make them a very versatile piece to create from and decorate with. And today we have a great variety of ideas and inspiration for you to use or pull from in decorating your own home or tiny personal space. Please take your time and look at the 8 unique and fun ways to decorate with maps!

1. Show off where you’ve been.

With fun tutorials such as this, DIY projects aren’t just fun but they’re also really cute and stylish. This piece is great for an office space or an adorable bedroom. Show off where you’ve been, where you want to visit and your hometown all on one wall that not only looks great but tells a story too!

2. Be worldy.

Maybe you want something a bit more simple. Take this canvas art for example. It shows off the world and looks contemporary and class as a piece of wall art.{found on site}.

3. Teach with color.

Use a map as a wall mural for the little ones. It will not only enforce educational values and jump start their geography skills but … it’s so colorful and playful!

4. Take your lamp shades on a trip.

Update your lamp shade by lining it with an old map! It’s a bit shabby chic and vintage … and the soft glow from the shade is quite cozy.

5. Jazz up your sofa or bed.

Great as a makeshift headboard or sofa focal piece, maps are worldly and make the home feel cultured and lived in. Find a bigger piece such as this to create something magical!

6. Turn that globe into a lamp!

Chop your globe in half and VOILA! you’ve got two new, map-esque lamps! Use this tutorial to get started!

7. Line your boxes.

Prettify your photo boxes, junk boxes or any of your organizing boxes with maps! It just adds a bit of style to the usually boring, brown cardboard.

8. Wall paper it.

Whether one big piece or a bunch of little ones, using maps as wallpaper is just as easy as using newspaper … but with more color!